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8 Reasons to Use Django Framework in 2020-2021

Selecting a coding language and framework for a software development project is a crucial step. Just choosing the one you are familiar with is not enough to build a successful application or website. There are lots of solutions on the market. You need to define the specific features of your project and make a selection according to them.

Python is one of the most popular and high-level coding languages available today. Django is its most powerful and widely employed framework. In this article, we will explain why to use the Django framework and when it is the best choice for your business.

What is the Django Framework?

Django is an open-source framework operating with Python that is used for rapid software development. It possesses a toolkit of all necessary features for successful development. This framework aims to allow developers to pay more attention to the peculiar features and focus less on existing or simple ones. There are many other platforms available for Python and other languages. For instance, if we compare Django vs. Rails for 2020-2021, the first one is the winner. Let’s have a more detailed look and find out why to use Django to build a website or app.

When to use the Django Framework?

Mind the following list. Your project needs this platform if:

  • your app can broaden or narrow at any time;
  • you want to employ such nop-notch technologies as Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence;
  • you need to build a web application or API backend;
  • you want to develop an app for many operating systems;
  • you need the process to be as quick as possible;
  • you are concerned about finding help in the documentation or from a developer community;
  • your project needs to be secure from widespread attacks/risks;
  • you are not willing to deal with database queries and require help from ORM.

If you answered “Yes” to most of these, use a framework like Django.

8 Key Advantages of Django Framework

If you’re wondering why so many companies prefer this platform to others, here are some of the main reasons. Developers who use the Django framework appreciate the following benefits of this platform:

Security and reliability

Projects built on this platform are placed in a cloud service, where they are entirely safe. You and your team members can quickly and effortlessly run the work process in a cloud environment. Security features are included by default, and in the case of this platform, quick development doesn’t affect the quality. It helps in solving such security issues as:

  • clickjacking
  • SQL injection
  • cross-site scripting

What is more, it continuously improves its security patches.

User-friendly Documentation

Are you a newcomer to the online industry? No worries. This platform provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation. There are many tutorials, examples, and reference guides available for all levels, from beginners to advanced users.

Suitable for any development project

You can deal with projects of any size and complexity. Django is packed with additional features and scalability. That is why it is possible to create an app that can deal with heavy traffic and large data volumes. It is a cross-platform framework and works with the majority of databases. You may select any that fits your specific project and even use many databases simultaneously.


Django can be extended with the use of plugins. A plugin is a component that enables adding different features and services, such as location, payment processing, etc. There are lots of various ready-made packages for application and much space for developer imagination. If you need to scale your project later, you can perform any changes you want.

DRY Principle

This framework follows the principle “Don’t repeat yourself’. It means that you make the most use of every single code line, saving you time and effort fixing bugs and reorienting the code. It presupposes changing all the data simultaneously without using variabilities and functions. So, if you consider upgrading your application in the future, this platform is a perfect solution.

Open-source, huge community, and more

Django communities are one of the best developer communities. The Django software foundation regulates the online community. You are free to ask for expert help if you have some problems or find an answer in the extensive libraries.

Batteries Included

Batteries are systems necessary for creating most applications. Libraries, ORM, multiplatform support – these are all batteries. There exists no framework that offers such a pack of support from the packaging. It is a controversial point because some clients may consider batteries a disadvantage. It may be viewed negatively because they make a frame inflexible. If it is not suitable for your goal, you may employ other platforms. But it is more beneficial to use something tested by time and assisted by a large community. Save your time for more important things while Django handles all the rest.

Admin Panel

This is a highlight of this platform. Developers can work with it quickly and effortlessly. It has an excellent structure, and you receive permission and authentication modules right away.

Now that we have explained the vast popularity of this platform, here is a list of major websites that use Django:

  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • NASA
  • Dropbox
  • Pinterest

The alternatives of Django

There are over 90 frameworks available. As we mentioned initially, one of the most widely used Django alternatives is Ruby on Rails. The reason why more companies use ruby than Django is easy personalizing and plugin-based component structure. RoR is a good platform, but it is more challenging to build API in it. If you compare Django with many Java, PHP frameworks, there is nothing even close to Django in functionality and code usage matters.

Final note

Django is a great framework operating with Python. It is safe, fast, and feature-rich. We advise using it because it is a universal solution for almost any project. The giant companies that use Django are clear evidence of its reliability.

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