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Home Automation and Security Tips for Pet Owners

Your house, your family, and your pets: you don’t need anything else to be happy. Nevertheless, every day your loved ones and your home are under the threat of burglars and delinquents. Hopefully, now, with the aid of the latest technology, we can make our houses smarter, and protect our family.

Home automation and home security systems make our life more comfortable, and your home assistant will soon become your house’s best friend. But what about your best buddy, that is your pet? Smart home devices can be used to create the perfect pet-friendly environment as well, and without the need to invest too much money. Are you ready to know how to achieve it?

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Is your smart home hub pet-friendly?

Your home hub is the core of your smart system, where the magic that makes your life easier come from. Your hub lets you control all the smart devices linked to your system from one central location, just by pressing a few buttons (or by using a touch screen monitor).

If you want to make your house the perfect pet-friendly utopia, you should individuate the most appropriate smart devices among the ones that you already own, and those you want to buy. Check their compatibility with your smart home system, and think of how they can be beneficial for your dog. For example, you may want to control the temperature, especially when the weather is too hot. In other instances, you can turn on your radio or TV to keep your pets company and make them feel immediately better and less alone, even if you’re not there with them.

Some cameras even include night version, or bark notifications to check why your dog is so upset. To ensure that your pet always follows your indications and does not misbehave, you can buy a camera which has some yummy treats, to be released when your dog is a good boy. If you are more a cat person, you should buy a camera which can engage your pet with a laser toy, letting you interact with it remotely as well.

Pet cameras

What does your pet do when you are not home? Of course, it patiently waits for you to come back and feed it, but you may never know what kind of adventures, or dangers, your dog, cat may encounter.

For this reason, keeping an eye on your furry friend is always the best thing to do. The majority of modern security systems already incorporate security cameras, that can be used to check if anything suspicious happens around your property. Nevertheless, they are also the perfect way to make sure that your pet stays out of trouble.

If you really want to enhance your security system, you can also buy dedicated home pet cameras, which allows a full range of interactions with your pets. You will thus be able to talk with them, for example, to calm them down when they get too upset because you are late for their snack time.

Smart Thermostats

How many times have you complained because it was too hot or too cold, or even too humid? Your pets suffer from low or high temperature just as you do. For this reason, it is essential to keep your home at the optimal temperature for your dog or pet, which can depend on several factors.

With the aid of a smart thermostat, you will never have to worry about the temperature getting too cold or too hot, even when you are away from home for an extended period. Some systems also incorporate a built-in sensor monitor, which will adjust the temperature of any room to your usual preference as soon as anyone, including your pet, walks in.

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Smart Lighting

Most pets don’t like to sit in the dark, especially when they are left on their own for many hours. On the other end, cats, reptiles and even parrots may not enjoy a bright environment. Finally, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect brightness for your home before you go to work.

By implementing automated lighting in your home automation system, you can program your lights remotely and adjust them based on the time of the day or your pets’ preferences. This is also an excellent method to cut down on energy costs because you will not have to leave the light on all day if you plan to leave your pets on their own from morning to evening. For a better result, try combining a motion sensor to your smart lighting: your pets will finally have illumination everywhere they wander in your home, at any time of the day.

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