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Published on August 30th, 2021 | by Sunit Nandi


What to do For Low Water Pressure at Home?

Comfort is the first thing coming to the mind when one thinks about a home unless there is an issue calling for repair. Times like those can make anyone worry about the problems. For example, issues with clogged pipes and drains. They are not uncommon to deal with, but what happens if the problem is not related to water overflowing or blocking but with water not even coming out properly, which you can call low-water pressure. You might be facing the same issue, which is why you are reading this article. Now that you have reached here, you will find the way out to your problems.

No matter where you reside, reaching a plumber is smarter and easier. Suppose you live in Ocean country, all you need is to type plumber in Ocean, and you are all done. However, before you go ahead with it, do you not want to give it a shot?

So, here are the to-do’s:


Contact Neighbors

Reaching neighbors should be the first thing to do. Chances can be that the issue lies somewhere in the supply path by the municipality. Just like your home’s plumbing areas can have issues, they can also have the same trouble. If your neighbors are facing the same, nothing is wrong with the plumbing system of your home. Instead, you will have to contact the administration to fix the problem.

Check the Valve

If the municipality doesn’t have any problems, it is time to find the source at your home. Now, being a homeowner, it is necessary that you should know about ways to find and stop the valve of your home. It might be located outside your home, but possibilities are also there that it is situated inside.

If the handle is similar to the one used to turn the hose on, you will have to turn it anti-clockwise. However, if the handle looks similar to the level, you need to make the lever and pipe parallel. You have to do so to open it completely to get the full pressure.

Clear Clogs

With time, there can be built up of mineral deposits of minerals in the pipe. In certain rare cases, the diameter of the pipes lessens till they are clogged, which prevents the water from flowing through freely. It can eventually leave with situations such as low water flow.

However, not every case requires the replacement of the sections of pipe. You can still handle the exit points of the system and break down the minerals that have collected inside the showerheads and faucet fixtures.


If you want to work on the plumbing fixtures and showerheads by yourself, you can put a zip-lock bag with vinegar in it over the faucet or showerhead. You will need to tie it with string and leave it for the entire night to soak. In the morning, take the bag off and rinse the fittings, and it is back to normal. However, if this DIY hack did not work for you, there can be an extreme clog inside. It is high time for you to contact a plumber.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to plumbing fixtures, the commonly occurring problems are blockages. However, if you face the problem of low water pressure, first of all, focus on finding if it is only with your home or an issue from the municipality’s end. If it is not the problem with the municipality, you have a clear picture that it is your home.

For resolving the issue, you can check it with the valve and fix it like explained earlier. If not this, there can be issues with pipes that can have clogged minerals. However, if you are perplexed or overwhelmed with tools, remember you can always reach a professional for that. Owing to the gadget you hold in your hand, you don’t even need to worry about finding the best plumber around you. Whether you are in Tampa Bay or any other city in Hillsborough, a plumber in Hillsborough is just a click away.


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