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Managed Detection And Response for Microsoft Azure

Azure monitoring services can help you protect your Azure deployment. These fully-managed solution uses next-generation AI to protect your Azure deployment across the threat lifecycle. Azure monitoring services improves the availability and performance of your applications and services by providing a comprehensive solution for collecting, evaluating, and working with telemetry from both cloud and on-premise environments.

Taking Cloud Security to the Next Level: Managed Detection and Response

In recent years, a new security service model has emerged that adds a human layer to tool-based security measures: managed detection and response (MDR).

In the MDR model, clients’ cloud computing environments and tools are monitored by a security operations centre (SOC) manned around the clock by experts in security detection and response (such as Azure Sentinel and Defender). When a threat is detected, the SOC takes proactive steps to lock down apps, services, and endpoints (user devices) as needed to prevent cyberattacks or limit the damage if a breach happens.

The landscape of MDR services is new and developing. MDR is positioned to become the go-to security solution for both small and large enterprises, given the rising sophistication with which hackers are evading traditional approaches to cybersecurity.

Benefits of managed detection and response for Microsoft Azure

1. Out-of-the-box monitoring for your Azure applications and infrastructure.

Understanding and maintaining the health and performance of the apps operating on Microsoft Azure might be difficult because it is a sophisticated cloud service. The use of Azure monitoring tools is required for this. By collecting, evaluating, and acting on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments, Applications Manager’s Azure monitoring solution helps you keep your services up and operating. It gives you complete visibility into your applications and assists you in identifying and resolving issues that may be hurting their performance.

2. Monitor Azure metrics

Managed services provide you with comprehensive, actionable information about your Azure infrastructure. It assists you in proactively monitoring Azure KPIs that are critical to your applications by retrieving data in real-time and collecting it for historical analysis, as well as using machine learning techniques to estimate growth and usage.

3. Ensure availability of your Azure databases

The Azure monitoring tools by managed services track the performance of Azure SQL databases and reports on key performance indicators and query statistics, as well as notifying users of system events and outages. Get detailed information on SQL queries, such as CPU consumption, I/O statistics, and CLR statistics. You can quickly discover CPU, time, and I/O heavy queries, as well as blocked and frequently run queries, which is crucial for ensuring database availability and performance.

4. Deep visibility into your storage accounts

Keep track of essential Azure storage account properties like blobs, tables, files, and queues in your subscription. The Microsoft Azure monitoring software gives detailed statistics on the capacity, throughput, and latency of the aforementioned components. Your advantage is that we tend to shorten threat detection cycles of better-known and unknown threats with terribly high accuracy (true positive >97.4%) sanctioning the invention of incidents before they cause vital impact. Technology Frames methodology.

MDR leverages the capabilities of Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) technology, Microsoft Defender for termination and NTT’s Network Detection & Response (NDR) technology, the Cyber Threat detector. We tend to mix this network and termination coverage with NTT’s proprietary Advanced Analytics, world threat intelligence and expert-driven threat looking and validation capabilities.

Our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) assist you to derive risk-based insights from across the network to the termination. MDR brings along technology, individuals and processes within the easy-to-deploy service that you just got to find hard-to-find threats, disrupt advanced and complicated cyberattacks, improve your cyber-resilience and scale back your risk.


NTT is one of 5 Tier one backbone web Service suppliers (ISPs) within the world and has been operational as a Managed Security Services supplier (MSSP) for thousands of shoppers over the past twenty years. This scale and reach translate to unmatched threat landscape visibility and provides intensive libraries of ‘high-fidelity labelled data’ to power our proprietary computer science machine learning (AI/ML) technologies, developed and refined over a few years.

Network coverage with our proprietary network traffic instrument with full packet capture Endpoint coverage with integration to Microsoft Defender for termination Uncovers Unknown Menaces conjointly React quick.

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