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Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for the Fastidious Tech Lover

Gadget this, gadget that! We are enwrapped with the latest tech, AI-powered gadgets, smart tools, and whatnot. So, it only makes sense if this robotic technology has started creeping into our houses in the guise of helpful tools.

Now, calm yourself. These tools are in no condition to enslave you. What these tools are capable of is bringing you convenience and a spick-and-span house. Just lift a finger and dust bunnies are gone. Press a button and your windows are clean. It is that simple! Considering this, here is a short list of smart cleaning gadgets that will clean your home while you dream away.

1. Litter-Robot II Classic

For all the cat owners out there, this smart gadget is for you. Litter Robot II Classic is an automatic litter cleaner that frees the owners from the woes of cleaning after their pet cats are done with their business. It has a smart patented technology that enables it to separate the waste material from the litter.

You no longer have to keep an eye on the litter box or get your hands dirty during the mess. With the Litter Robot II classic, all you need to do is unload the carbon-filtered drawer and replace the litter after every ten days.

2. Robot Gecko Window Cleaner

Cleaning a window is a nuisance and not many people are willing to put up with this chore. Much to the house occupant’s annoyance, windows have two surfaces both of which need to be thoroughly cleaned to achieve a reflective property. To tell the truth, it is a lot of work which is why you need to invest in Gladwell window cleaner!

This gadget comes with two microfiber pads that attach itself to the surface of the windows through a suction property. It is remote-controlled with an advanced algorithm that ensures every dirt particle and grime is scrubbed off of the window’s surface. This gadget comes with a safety rope attachment which stops it from tumbling down once the battery runs out.

With this gadget in action, there is no need to climb a ladder and put your safety at risk. Just charge it up, turn on the suction property, and let it handle this chore while you control the movement through a mobile-powered app!

3. Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner

Dirty carpets are no joke. Unless the stains are prominent or noticeable, most people would avoid going through the trouble of hiring a carpet cleaning London service. But that is the thing! Most of the stains are not visible to the naked eye. Instead, they nestle comfortably inside the fibers of the carpet and contribute to a number of health problems.

Carpet cleaning can get expensive and most carpets require occasional trips to the cleaning professionals. But you can change this by buying the Bissell hands-free upholstery and carpet cleaning gadget. This tool is specifically targeted at pet owners who would love to rid their carpets from unexpected accidents. This tool relies on automatic spraying, brushing, and suction technology that allow it to scrub and remove the stains which are deeply embedded in the carpet fitting. You just need to push a button and watch the magic happen from the sofa!

4. Mopet Robot Mop

Mopet Robot Mop puts fun and adorable spin on the cleaning hassle. Available in pink and brown shades, the robot mop is 8 inches wide which is perfect for reaching the difficult spots in your home.

Once charged, the mop will work for six hours straight with a short ten minutes burst. Despite what you think of it, this gadget is not made to pick up trash. It lacks the required suction properties that would classify it as a nifty little vacuum. But it is a dangerous dust cleaner that will gobble up all the dust bunnies, allergens, dust, and pollen with extreme precision. Its short and compact design allows it to glide into every corner of your property while leaving behind an effortlessly clean floor!

5. Dolphin Nautilus Pool Cleaner

Nobody wants to beat the summer heat in a dirty pool. Still, nobody wants to bear the pool cleaning chore. It is a hassle and if you lack the proper tools, a 2-hour job could take the whole day to complete. This is why you need a robot pal to do the dirty work for you!

Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner beats the professional pool cleaning services because instead of paying hefty amounts for every cleaning job, you can splash money on this tool only once and use if for the rest of your days. Once powered on, this gadget will scrub the floor and walls of the pool, take time with stubborn corner stains and suck out the algae thriving within.

Its cleaning patterns are not random. Instead, it uses a clever technology along with advanced algorithms to work its way around the obstacles. Its parts are available separately on the Amazon. So, if something malfunctions within, you may not have to chuck the entire thing in the trash!

6. Germ Guardian Air Purifier

Ask any allergic person and they will tell you how bad their allergies get around dusty or impure places. To provide a safer place to your allergic counterparts, here is what you need to do: invest in the Germ Guardian air purifier.

This 3-in-1 purifier prides itself with a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of allergens and dust, regardless of their size. It utilizes UV-C light to purify the air from airborne germs and relies on carbon filters to neutralize odors. This gadget is a great investment for such individuals that are sensitive to aerial impurities and other allergens.

Wrapping Up

With this, we bring an end to our list. Cleaning is not an easy chore. Whether it is about doing dishes, laundry or mopping the floor; nobody is willing to take responsibility for these chores. At the end of the day, what is the point of cleaning everything in the first place when it will all get dirty again?! Let us admit it; we have all thought like this at some point in life.

But not anymore! This is because AI-powered tools have crept into the arena of cleaning gadgets to make our lives easier. So, spend an exorbitant amount of money on these smart tools to take every advantage to bring further convenience into your lives!

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