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The top 3 highest performance LED lighting ever tested

LED is short for Light Emitting Diodes. They are a standard application for automobiles, events, and households. The reason for their popularity is that they emit brighter light yet they do not consume a lot of energy when compared to other forms of lighting.

Users can also boast about the durability that comes with these lightings. Since it produces little amount of heat, you will not keep replacing it because of refusal to light up. In fact, governments advocate for this form of lighting because it helps businesses and households to cut electricity bill costs by a considerable percentage. You also save a lot of battery charge when you install them on your vehicle.

We are going to discuss the highest performance LED light bars for vehicles that we have in the market.

1. SS12 Stage Series 12″ Light Bar

This thin light bar makes your truck stand out. You will not have to worry when you drive in rainy conditions because this 12-inch light bar has weatherproof gaskets that prevent water entry to the bulb.  During the night, the bar will produce up to 58.8 watts worth of power.

The LED light is thin enough; hence, you are free to install it on any part of the vehicle, with the 42mm tail fitment. In addition to being thin, the bar is very light, 22 pounds only. The manufacturer provides bars of both white and amber color outputs.

2. SS12 Stage Series 18″ Light Bar

Bring back the glory of driving at night with this LED light bar. The lighting is 18 inches long and produces the power of up to 79.8 watts. Also, it has a peak intensity of 145, 000 candelas. You will not have any problems installing the bar because it only measures 3.2 pounds.

Manufacturer provides both white and amber output colors.

3. SS42 Stage Series 42″ Light Bar

When driving through dark woods, you will enjoy full light vision. The bar is perfect for broader vehicles such as trucks. A fascinating thing about this lighting is that it is long yet very light. It measures 7 pounds, yet it is 42 inches long.

The bar produces up to 224 watts of power. Drivers can purchase light bars that produce both amber and crisp white color.


Drivers interested in all these lightings can access them at You will be delighted to drive through foggy conditions because every single bulb within the bar produces a sharp beam that leads you through dangerous roads.

The beam is directional. It will only shine in the direction your vehicle faces. Therefore, you will not have problems with other drivers coming from the opposite direction.

All these bars guarantee the driver of extended use. It lessens the cost of replacing the bar every other time. Features that facilitate this include a heat sink, which will get rid of excess heat within the bar. The bars are also weatherproof. They can stand any pressure from changes in the weather.

Fit the appropriate bar depending on the width of your vehicle. By the way, you will not only use these bars during the night. Most people use them to add some appeal to their cars during the day because of the light they produce.

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