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What Advantages Will You Enjoy with Enterprise Mobile Apps?

Do you still hesitate whether you need to develop a corporate mobile application? Don’t have any doubts, as it will help optimize the workflow and significantly reduce its operating costs. Development of corporate mobile applications to effectively manage communications between employees, track progress and automate accounting in the organization.

What Is an Enterprise Mobile App?

An enterprise mobile application is a solution that is used within one company. It simplifies work processes and increases their efficiency. However, it is not easy to give a precise definition. There are many examples of when typical applications have moved into the corporate world and vice versa. For instance, Zoom can be used for both work calls and conversations with friends. And Microsoft Word has long been a universal solution for business documents and personal notes.

Then what makes an application “enterprise” if not the purpose of use? Forbes says the enterprise solution is built for speed and scale and is designed to handle large volumes of data. If you want to get a well-designed app tailored to your company’s needs, you need to hire a professional enterprise application development service. Experts will craft a good quality product considering the peculiarities of the industry you work in.

How Can Your Company Benefit from Corporate Mobile Application?

A structured workflow and well-organized internal processes can improve a team’s efficiency. For example, studies show that the introduction of corporate mobile applications increases the efficiency of employees by 40%.

The connection between productivity and enterprise applications is easy to explain: for example, if you connect all employees to a corporate messenger, then instead of calling, faxing, or running between floors looking for each other, they can simply enter the name of a person in the application and write to him. This will save everyone time and nerves, and the company will reduce telephone costs.

Types of Enterprise Mobile Applications

As a rule, there are three types of enterprise applications depending on the category of users:

  • Applications for employees. Employees use these solutions to communicate, follow updates, or set tasks for colleagues.
  • Department apps help specific teams: marketing, design, or customer service. These decisions can be both internal and external. For example, apps help communicate with a company’s customers and manage feedback.
  • Company-wide apps work like a private social network. They unite all company employees and can work as a repository of data and documents. In addition, the application may have different levels of access, depending on the position.

Challenges in Enterprise Application Development

When working with enterprise applications, you can encounter a number of difficulties if you do not think about it in advance.

Here are things to consider before you start developing a mobile application for your company.

  • Your corporate solution will be installed on personal devices – this fact must be accepted. Since the application will contain all the company’s internal processes, it is crucial to think about additional information protection. For example, you can enable two-factor authentication for all accounts so that the information will be protected even on the employee’s personal phone.
  • Application management. To manage and update an enterprise application, you need a trained IT team that knows how the solution needs to be developed. Therefore, it is better to think about it in advance and involve the department at the development stage.

In addition, to effectively manage the solution, you will need an IT security policy, a document that tells employees how to protect their information and company data.

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