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How to Make Money with Drones

With the rapid rise in drone market due to innovation of drone technology ,people are becoming more aware about the uses of drones besides buying toy drone for flying and having fun .now days it has been found that drones have been started using in various fields from being a drone waiters in restaurants of London to spraying fertilizers in agriculture fields and delivering goods and medicines by firms like amazon and zipline respectively .

With the recent Dji spark launched with gesture control features which allows you control the drone with your hands only ,The day is not far enough when we could control the drones integrated with advanced AI just by our thoughts.

Recent market surveys have shown that people are using their drone skills to earn money and these skills are being hired for about $50-$400 approx. per hour, so here we have come up with some interesting ways to make money your drones and have fun with too right below.

  1. Videos and movie shootings

Now days many commercial movies and videos are being shot by drones to get perfect shots from different angles for better viewer experience. Some recent examples of movies which were shot by drones include expendables 3,Skyfall ,good kill ,avengers age of Ultron’s and many more .

Directors are preferring usage of drones because they come with awesome quality cameras which possess the capabilities to shoot jaw dropping quality videos in high resolution from points and angle in sky which can’t be done otherwise to get better prospective of the seen.

So if you know how to use, fly and control a drone and its camera then you can land a contract for film or short video shooting, for which you can contact your nearby shooting studios, sometimes it happens that after seeing your awesome skills these studios offer jobs to the candidates too with great pay scale which I think I nice for getting your pockets filled with dollar bills .

  1. Sports and events coverage

We all know that in every parts of the world there are some or the other small and mid level sporting events taking place every month ,so what you can do is just get in touch with the organizers of the local event or sports league and show him your skills and convince him that drone coverage gives better videos and get a contract to cover the event to make some quick cash with your drone skills .

You can make use of new drones which allows you to focus and follow the target with drone camera to get full coverage of particular players also for highlights and his act coverage etc which would really impress the organizers.

  1. Wedding photography

Wedding photography with drones industry is on fire these days ,which gives you a golden opportunity to earn some easy cash by covering the wedding and parties event .you can get in touch with someone who is getting married and ask to cover the wedding with drones or you get yourself hooked with a wedding dress or wedding accessories boutique to get referrals for customers to rent out your drone operation skills .

It won’t be required to hard press the couple for convincing them to cover the wedding by drones because it’s very popular these days and they would definitely knowing about it, you can give them an attractive package deal to get the deal easily as the other already established photography studios are charging premium for this service .

  1. Real Estate Photography

We all know that as long as the human exist, real estate will continue to be build and broken so this industry is not going anywhere but in the recent times with the drone technology becoming popular and cheaper ,it has been noticed that real estate developers and builders have started using drones and quadcopters for inspecting the bigger properties and keeping an eye on work as it saves them time to do other work and from hassle to go around the whole property in the scotching sun to inspect the work progress

So if you are a drone operator and have a good drone skills then you can contact the builder, architect or developer to get contract for covering the whole property videos and images to get some money while the work is on, which generally goes from few months to years for bigger properties .

  1. Oil and mining field’s surveillance

Oil and mining field surveillance with drones is an underestimated sector which is in dire need of good drone operators and they pay handsomely too .so go ahead and get yourself in touch with a decision maker of these oil and mining companies and show him your skills to get the contract or even a good paying job for your drone operation skills for various purposes in their locations ,I have seen that many people hesitate to go and talk to these firms ,as they think they only work with big companies and agencies ,but if you got the skills then knock the doors and fix an appointment ,you can also get the contract which would help you earn some real good money for sure .

I hope you like our small yet useful collection of ways to earn some money with your drones and skills you have learned over time .don’t forget to share this with your friends and family who might also get interested to buy a new mini drone to make money with it besides having fun flying with you .

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