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Aiper Portable Power Station: A New Supply Energy Source for UAV

In recent times, the COVID-19 outbreak has left severe scars in everybody’s heart. Even though the fear of contracting the virus is far from gone, most of us have gone back to our ordinary lives. The latest news reports an interesting new popular trend. There is a significant increase in UAV purchasing worldwide. Many people have started to use drones to take shots from above of normally inaccessible areas. Aiper portable power station is perfectly fitted to provide energy to an UAV and its accessories.

In this brief article, we will know more about UAVs. We will look at how Aiper Discoverer 300 portable power station can satisfy your energy supply during your trips. Let us jump right in.

About UAV

UAV stands for an “unmanned aerial vehicle”. Most commonly referred to as drones, UAVs are remotely controlled aircraft utilized for several different applications. In the past, drones were mostly employed by the military for special operations. Today drones are used by both amateurs and public services for aerial shots. Depending on the model, drones usually can fly for roughly 20 – 30 minutes before needing to be recharged. This is when portable power station can come in handy, providing a fast way to supply energy to your remotely controlled aircraft.

What is a Portable Power Station

A portable power station is an energy storage device that serves as an emergency power supply in the outdoors. The portable power station can capture the energy directly from the sun after connecting the console to solar panels. The stored power can provide energy for all your smart devices, gear, and small appliances.

When compared with a gas-powered generator, a portable power station can charge electronic equipment in a clean and safe way. No pollution or harmful fumes are released in the environment. In addition, battery-powered generators operate without making loud noises, preserving the harmony of the surroundings.

Charging UAV with Aiper Portable Power Station

When going for excursions or camping, you can bring your UAV. Some of the most breathtaking natural scenery pictures and films are taken with drones. For extended stays in the wild, you certainly want an effective way to recharge your equipment quickly. Aiper Discoverer 300 portable power station has already become the favorite companion of many brave explorers. The instrument has a large battery capacity, and it can charge your 25W UAV for over 11 times before running out of energy.

If you do not have access to AC outlets, the solar panels can turn your device in a portable solar power supply. Discoverer 300 smart inverter system has improved short circuit protection, granting safety for you and your appliances. This modern version of the portable power station is compatible with all kinds of electronic devices. Aiper Discoverer 300 versions have four different ways of transferring electric power. Besides the standards, AC, USB, and car charging ports, the device also uses the PD charging method. In terms of design, the console is made of PC and ABS fireproof materials with fire rating of UL94-V0. This thought out choice makes the instrument lightweight and highly resistance.

Aiper Portable Power Station, Portable Solar Panel


Using UAV to take amazing shots is a new widespread trend for all of the camping and excursions enthusiasts. We want to recommend bringing with you Discoverer 300 as your new best friend on the road.

Aiper is a multinational company established with the primary goal of creating worthwhile innovative technology. The company is specialized in the development, design, and manufacturing of eco-friendly portable energy storage tools. Aiper portable power stations are compact, intuitive to use, and can recharge mainstreams devices at an ultra-fast speed rate. Aiper hopes through its commitment to discovering a new way to utilize clean and sustainable energy.

Ultimately, we hope this article was useful for you to know more about portable power station and their applications.

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