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9 Exceptional Examples Which Show Great Use of CSS design

CSS is an extremely powerful style sheet language which is used in website design for controlling the look and feel of content written in HTML. It makes a simple website absolutely stunning. The use of CSS in a website leads to lighter page loads and improved performance. CSS web design keeps the content and design separately. By implementing CSS in a website design, one  avails advantages like user-friendly web pages, reduced load times and search engine friendly web pages. CSS can be used to modify spacing, change colors and greater flexibility. In short, CSS serves many benefits ranging from website customization, content presentation, structuring and even content portability.

This blog shares 9 outstanding examples that beautifully display the use of CSS transitions. Let’s explore each of them.

Caava Design

Caava features an attractive layout. The use of scrolling animation and parallax functions attracts users towards its clean and intuitive interface. The founder Cody Small mentions that they have tried to provide a linear experience to users making them feel natural when exploring the work area. Use of arrows are consistent in the design and created with CSS borders. Their incorporation is done in a useful, structured and neat way and can be changed easily to match with the CSS properties.

This site presents a unique example of how to use tabs. There are multiple sites linked together with a single site. The three column layout is used and split into subsections to convey required information. Whenever a user clicks one of the tabs at the top, he/she is directed to other sites like Translator.


Highly appreciated for its being extra responsive, the use of Cascading Styling Sheets in Microsoft pulls everything together in a polished way. All the transitions are arranged across different elements on the page.


Tailored to be used by freelancers, Solo is an all-in-one project management tool which has its application designed with great functionality, usability and an alluring design. The use of CSS3 in design caters for all modern web browsers. Fonts like Clarendon and Bryant offer a perfect harmony of elegance and refreshment. The use of all important CSS rules makes the management of project exuberant with profusion of splashy and intense CSS box shadows.

Whenever any user opens the site on a mobile device, he/she will be able to view the layout adapted for different screen size and resolutions.

Yahoo! Maps

Owing to a complex interface, Map sites usually are difficult to use. Yahoo Maps solve the problem by providing 3 simple fields/columns. Most of the interface area here is actually devoted to displaying the map. It is clearly understood and does not require any sort of explanation. In this CSS design, you will find one of the great examples of a responsive design as well as graphic-oriented application.

Lab Partners

Lab partners, an art and design studio has launched a picturesque website which is one of the best examples of CSS around. Every element is designed with an attention to detail and features a curated layout. The thumbnails feature a large hover area that takes advantage of the murkiness feature by clearly distinguishing the hover area.

The appearance of the web page feels like one of the unique combinations of form and functionality.


Postable is a one-stop shopping destination for visitors looking to send wedding invitations and festive cards. It offers the simplest way to capture one’s mailing address. By making use of fun and useful illustrations, rounded corners, fun background textures to robustly rounded Omnes Pro Font, the use of all these CSS elements keeps the site engaging and entertaining for the users.


Governed by bright and multicolored photography, fun animations to intensify the visitor’s journey, RED is a site designed using HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 elements. The developers have put in loads of efforts by making extensive use of the API and tried to make sure every crevasse of their site is accessible via the hard link.

John’s Random Thoughts and Discussions

This site shows you a clear picture of 2 column layout which is used mostly for blog based websites. You can easily view how the entries in the sidebar column presented on the left make it possible to access the content entries in the right pane with greater ease. Additionally, the presentation of the site will also make you understand the advantages and disadvantages of classic fixed width layout.



The use of CSS in designing is particularly beneficial in reaching millions of users who operate the site via mobile. It enables users to create a page specifically for devices with minimum effort. With all these great advantages, the use of W3C CSS standard welcomes consistency in design and appearance.


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Nola Arney is a knowledgeable and dedicated HTML/CSS developer at HTMLPanda. She is having several years of experience in designing websites with CSS designs. Apart from being employed as a developer, she also shares knowledge on her area of expertise by writing such innovative and well-researched blogs.

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