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Living in between censorships? Get free access to your favourite sites with VeePN


If you are following the recent developments that are making headlines with regard to “The free Internet”, then you might know that most countries on the earth are actively opposing the notion. Information control has become a key factor for many nations to maintain their national security and reduce the amount of cyber-crimes that infect the citizens of the country.

Although it seems reasonable at first glance, that isn’t always the case. Censorships with the internet directly violate the basic human right to freedom of expression and speech. And some countries like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other communist regimes use internet censorship as a way to keep their population in check. In short, the less exposed the people of the nation are to outside developments and ideologies, the less they’ll rebel when their governments enforce harsh laws on them, as evident with the Chinese citizens, who are living in a utopia of public shaming, censorships, surveillance and active social credit systems determining their lives and worldly access.

The important role of VPN in battling censorships

There are a lot of arguments both for and against using VPN’s and it’s easy to understand why. Public monitoring is a crucial aspect by which the government maintain control, prevent catastrophises or even regulate cyber-crimes. However, while monitoring is acceptable to some extent, blocking off access to the free internet is a complete no-no. As a matter of fact, this is so bad in some countries that visiting other websites is even punishable. The truth of the matter is, censorships plaque almost every country at a certain level. It cannot be eradicated from the root, however that doesn’t mean that you cannot at least bypass it upto certain extent and a VPN might just be what you need in order to do so.

Why VeePN for a VPN?

Veepn is a Panama based VPN service provider. Because of their location, they are able to provide with an unmatched level of internet privacy, since there are no laws governing Panama that requires VPN companies to keep logs of their clients, unlike a few other household rivals. I bring this up because there was a recent controversy surrounding a few VPN companies that disclosed information of their clients to ‘Interested Parties’. That being said, the laws governing VPN use varies from country to country and there isn’t really much that can be done about it.

So what are some of the highlight feature of VeePN?

  • VeePN has over 2500+ servers in over 48 locations and they encrypt your browsing data with a 256-bit bank-grade encryption. Also your data/activity isn’t logged in any of their servers, making it ideal if you want to remain anonymous online.
  • Prices for VeePN starts at $10.99 for one month along with other longer duration subscription packs that can help you save a fortune. Right now you can get a 5 year subscription for a meagre price of $99.99 which is exceptionally affordable, as compared to some of its competing rivals. Also if that isn’t enough, this is the only company that has lifetime subscription plan which carries an one time only payment of $199.99, which is awesome value by any standard, especially considering that you can share the connection with upto 10 of your friends, which works out to about $0.02 per month.
  • VeePN supports multiple platforms like Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS and Windows, making it a very flexible solution to be used with a host of platforms. Speaking of flexibility, Veepn supports over 10 simultaneous connections with unlimited bandwidth, which is ideal to be used in shared environments like homes or offices.

A few other features of VeePN:

  • No Eavesdropping: When you are using VeePN, you are essentially browsing off a virtual server from a different location. The entire line of communications are encrypted from your end of the device. So eavesdropping on your conversations is next to nearly impossible.
  • Bypassing National Firewalls: You might have heard of the internet censorships in China. They take information control as paramount and any defectors are punished harshly. However, china isn’t the only one with a national firewall, most middle eastern countries suffer from this too. So as it happens, VeePN can bypass this because no browsing activity is actually taking place on the country of the origin. So it can be easily used to bypass filters like the Great Firewall of China or Internet blocks of UAE.
  • Accessing Blocked Sites: Since VPN’s aren’t bound by any ISP blockades, they can freely access the internet without falling hitting any real roadblock. Plus to top it off, you can use VPN’s to stream region specific content that aren’t available in your country. Now that is always an awesome feature to have.
  • Hide Online Activity: VeePN’s custom protocol not only encrypts your traffic, but also masks it, that make it unable to determine whether user is using a VPN or not. This is beneficial for countries like UAE where there are huge fines for using VPN services.
  • Hide Online Identity: Since VeePN masks your presence, it is also beneficial against data collection agencies, since they are unable to determine who it is that is actually browsing the internet. This can be huge boom if you are worried that online companies might have too much data on you and are trying to convert you into a product.


It is high time that we started taking back our internet security seriously. There are no shortages of spying agencies, data collection mines and online stalkers in this day and age. A VPN might not be the ultimate solution for protection against all of these modern threats, but it is up there among the best that common people can muster up as a defence. So hurry, get protected today, save money and remain anonymous online using Veepn today and thank us later. And oh did I mention that you can save money on flight tickets too by using a VPN?

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