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7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

There is something about sleeping at a luxury hotel that makes you feel rested and get the best night’s sleep. As you can’t live in a hotel to wake up well-rested, you can adopt their tips and make your room feel like a high-end hotel.

Who knows hotel room interior design secret tips better than an interior designer? Here are 7 exclusive tips you can use to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel.

1. Colour pallet

Have you noticed how most luxurious hotel rooms use a similar colour pallet for the walls and furniture? The trick is to make the room seem clean and tidy, but homey and relaxing at the same time. That’s why picking the right paint colour for your bedroom is absolutely essential.

Neutral colour pallets can fulfil all your expectation. It creates a calming atmosphere allowing you to escape the everyday chaos. Light blue or beige are ideal for smaller and larger rooms. So, if you want to make your bedroom feel like a hotel, start by painting the walls. Alternatively, you can get natural wallpaper textures from the bamboo sheet shop.

2. Bed linens

One of the best things about the hotel room is a large, comfy bed. If you’d like to recreate that wonderful feeling of sleeping in a hotel bed, start with a small bed makeover. You don’t need a king-sized bed or a new mattress. You can simply begin by buying a new set of sheets for a soft, cosy feeling on your skin whenever you immerse yourself into the bed.

Freshly laundered cotton sheets offer that prestige feeling you aim for. Even though it’s more important how the bedding feels, cotton bed sheets are a great compromise between the look and the touch. For an additional sense of extravagance, spray your sheets with lavender essential oils before you iron them. Wake up each morning in a Provence scented room.

3. A secret tip: triple sheeting

As you’re quick to jump in the comfy bed, you probably haven’t noticed is that a lot of luxurious hotels use the trick of triple sheeting. This hotelier secret involves layering a comforter or a blanket between two sheets that are stretched. This creates a clean and crisp feeling.

Additionally, this technique is very cost-effective. You won’t have to wash your blanket as often, and there is no need for a duvet cover either! To achieve this simple yet well-thought-out method at home, take high-quality sheets and tuck them in neatly and tightly. Throw a couple of pillows and cushions over and your lux bed is ready.

4. Fancy décor

Hotel rooms aren’t only the colour of the walls and a large bed with cosy sheets. They include fancy décor and tiny details that contribute to the comprehensive atmosphere. To achieve the prestige feeling you get in a hotel room, expert interior designers suggest you should add tiny details that make you feel pampered.

You can, for example, include a vase with fresh flowers for a bright and pure vibe. Search for the bedroom décor ideas for additional inspiration. It’s always a good idea to add a personal touch to the room. Love the art? Hang a painting! You’re a neat freak? Make sure that the wardrobe or a closet have enough hangers to neatly store the clothes. Don’t forget to include a mirror as well. It makes your space seem more spacious and adds a special fancy touch to your bedroom.

5. Curtains are a must

Have you seen a fancy hotel room without curtains? We don’t mean those “heavy” dusty ones that haven’t been washed in forever. However, every luxe room has curtains that add to the prestige atmosphere.

Get rid of the boring draperies or blinds. The right type of curtains may be the key element in bringing everything in the room together. They don’t only protect your bedroom from the onlookers but also create the prominent look you’re searching for. Make sure that your curtains accent the beautiful parts of your room, and cover up the flaws you want to hide.

6. The right lights can make the difference

Think about all the lux hotel rooms you’ve been to. Do you notice how many sources of the light there is? A lot. There are windows for natural daylight. There are regular lights on the ceiling. Some even have the wall lights to set the mood, and you must not forget about the mirror lights and the bedside lights. That’s a lot of different types of lights!

Every type of lighting serves a different purpose. Their function is to set a mood and create the atmosphere you’re going for. However, you must be careful with the lights. If you make the mistake, you can mess up the entire room design making it look cheap. When choosing the right lights, don’t forget to take into consideration all the functions your bedroom serves. According to that, pick a table lamp or a bedside light.

7. Bedside tables

Almost every hotel room has a bedside table with sliding wardrobes. Besides the aesthetical purpose, they are a handy piece of furniture that can be used for storing the necessities. So, if you have one in your bedroom, you’re a lucky person. Your bedroom with a luxurious touch may be complete.

In case you don’t own a bedside table, you can always get a smaller, cheaper one then, upgrade it later. It’s amazing for keeping your night creams safe or for putting away your book or phone before bed. You can style it however you like. Add a bit of excitement by painting it in a new colour that matches the furniture and the vibe of the room.


These are only some ways that can help you achieve a luxurious hotel room feeling in your home. As you can see, soft colours and freshness are essential for the atmosphere. It’s always desirable to add personal details such s rugs and paintings that make your room feel more like home. Experiment with different styles and see what suits you the most. Once the transformation is over, you can enjoy your prestige room and finally feel well-rested.

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