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The 5 best ice fishing rods in 2017 (Don’t buy a fishing rod until you read this)

Winter is not a hindrance for many fishermen to fish. Instead, it is the perfect time for you to have fun with the weather at the same time, to do ice fishing on frozen waterways and lakes. It will be challenging, as compared to summer fishing, but you need to have various fishing rods. You need to acquire the best ice fishing rods to get most out of it. Pair the fishing rod with the right spinning reel like shimano saragosa to get the best results.

Benefits of ice fishing

When it is sunny, you can construct your ice fishing tents, ice fishing shacks, or ice fishing houses out on the ice. Due to the cold weather, it will be useful to have these portable things since you can place ice fishing heaters to regulate the temperature. You can get the type of rod that you want from the Custom Rod Builders.

You need to wait for the time when the wind is calm and you think that it will be a clear winter day. It is relaxing to find a place where there is a clear and open piece of ice. You just have to drill a hole, set up your comfy chair and wait until you catch some fish.

Ice fishing is not that popular as compared to traditional summer fishing, which means that there will be lesser competition for the best areas to fish, plus there will be a bigger chance of catching fish beyond the limit. If you want to detect and catch more fish, you may use Deeper Smart Sonar.

What to use when ice fishing?

Line fishing is the simplest technique used in ice fishing out on the lake. Reel and jigging rod as well as a set of lures or bait are used rather than the usual fly type set-up. Since fish move down to deeper areas where there are more food and smaller fish being gathered, ice fishing needs greater line depth and this is when ice fishing rod is needed the most. You may be interested to know the Top 5 Ice Fishing Lures.

Some other types of fishing is more equipment intensive compared to ice fishing that is why it is more exciting to have fun in the ice together with your family, even for kids. You can also use ice fishing tip-ups, a special kind of device used to suspend frozen or live bait at a specified depth. You can detect a fish when it strikes the special kind of ice fishing reel and rod holder.

If you want to know more about what kind of gear you can use in ice fishing and how to ice fish, then you may find this video helpful.

Reasons to go ice fishing

Who says you cannot go outside during the winter? Well, at some point, it may be right, but when it is a clear day, then you can go out and breathe the fresh chilly air. You just have to wear the right clothes so you won’t get gold. And of course, you can have your rods with you so that you can go fishing.

Ice fishing is also the best way to have fun with your family and friends. You can set up your fishing site and wait for the fish to be lured in your bait. Remember to bring the most appropriate fishing rod so that you can enjoy ice fishing.

Since it does not require you to have a lot of fishing equipment, it is surely an inexpensive way to enjoy your winter. You need not to coop in your houses and do nothing for months. Well, you can cook the fish that you caught or even discover the wildlife that will give you once in a lifetime experience.

And remember to choose the best winter boots to warm your legs.

Top 5 best ice fishing rods

1# Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo

Perhaps, Ugly Stik GX2 is the best ice fishing rod available in the market. The upgraded technology used in the Ugly Stik generation is the Ugly Stik GX2, which makes it an ideal ice fishing rod for both beginners and pros. Its functionality and durability are tested and proven although it maintains its traditional performance. Its body reel is made of graphite which makes it not just attractive, but also lightweight. It is made with one ball bearing. The spool is made of cold forged aluminum which ensures better durability.

The ugly technology is used to construct the Ugly Stik GX2 rod. Graphite fiberglass blank is being used in the rod to ensure more power while less weight. It means that you can always depend on this ice fishing rod no matter how harsh the environment it is. It aims to provide a superb performance that will give you satisfaction for a long time. With super low price, you can enjoy ice fishing with this Ugly Stik GX2 Ice combo.


  • Better functionality, you can use it with comfort
  • Good quality for a better performance
  • Ensures durability, you can use it for a lifetime
  • Lightweight, you can carry it easily
  • More power, you can get more fish
  • Low price, it can fit in your budget


  • Traditional performance
  • Made only with one ball bearing

2# Piscifun Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Black

This light action ice fishing rod is medium sized made by one of the most trusted brand, Piscifun. The tenacity of this fishing rod is high that you can even bend its tip up to the reel. It is made of graphite material, which makes it strong and durable, though it is very sensitive too. It is made with stainless guides, but it is lightweight so it can be used comfortably while reducing the friction.

It is made with EVA handle, which is known to provide users with better grip and more comfort. You can also buy it at a very cheap price in a nutshell. It can withstand harsh environment, so you don’t have to worry about ice fishing. It is also designed in a way that is most likely friendly to the users, which means that you can carry it anywhere.


  • Made out of graphite, which makes it durable
  • High tenacity, can bend from tip to reel
  • Guide frames are stainless
  • Eyelet is ceramic
  • Made of EVA handle, for better comfort and grip
  • Made in a compact design, which is perfect for traveling or backpacking
  • Can withstand harsh environment
  • Affordable


  • Sensitive when used

3# Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

This ice fishing rod is made out of graphite materials by Fiblink. It may be lightweight, but it is sturdy. It is also sensitive. Its blank is also created of graphite, so you will be ensured of its quality. Fiblink considers the complaint of most ice fishermen when it comes to solid cork handles, good thing because this is made in such a way as to bring you the comfort that you need. It is also shaped and sized appropriately to give you a great feeling for utmost convenience.

It can make ice fishing fun and easy because of its functionality. There are two sizes available- the medium power and the medium light power. But, both of these are very affordable, which means that it can fit your budget.


  • Made of graphite materials, which means that it is durable
  • Quality is ensured
  • Comfortable cork handles
  • Ideal functionality
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Affordable


  • Sensitive when used

4# Berkley Lightning Rod Ice Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

It is one of the most uniquely made ice fishing rod and reel in the market since its blank is made with lightweight fiberglass though it looks rugged. The lightweight fiberglass blank provides durable and responsive performance, given the harsh environment that you may encounter during winter.

It is made with high quality materials without compromising its cost. You can buy it at a very low price. In order to keep the ice fishing rod warm, its guide is made to be oversized intentionally. The cork grips are made of comfortable handles, plus it is designed to make fisherman carry it easier. The graphite spinning reel comes with the smooth front drag, ball-bearing drive, and either left or right convertible retrieve.


  • Made with lightweight fiberglass
  • The purpose of which is to have durable and responsive performance
  • High quality
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to carry, so it can be used anywhere


  • It looks rugged

5# Baitrunner Noodle Ice Fishing Rod

This E-glass ice fishing rod is created by BaitRunner to be 28 inches long. It is made with strong backbone to ensure that the hook setting is just ideal for your ice fishing experience. Its features and design are patented including the handle, which makes it look good at the same time functional. The bait cup is already built in, but it can be interchanged, so you can use and keep the bait or tackle easily and quickly.

The special ABS handle design allows greater sensitivity. It is made with high quality materials which ensure that you can use it for a lifetime. It feels like a high-end custom fishing rod with its unique coloration looks. It considers itself to be perfect for use in catching pan fish, perch, trout, crappie, and light biting walleye


  • Strong backbone securing hook setting
  • Patented features and design
  • Built in and interchangeable bait cup
  • Easy use and storage
  • High quality materials for durability
  • Unique coloration looks


  • Greater sensitivity


There are many ice fishing rods that are offered in the market, but as of now, Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo is the best, given its functionality, quality, durability, power, weight and price although other items have their own unique pros.

Ice fishing is far different from the type of fishing that most people do. That is the reason why the best ice fishing rod is a must have if you decide to go ice fishing. As the winter is getting close, you already need to find the one that fits you. Winter will not hinder you to have fun, since you can now go out and relax while ice fishing.

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