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Cause and effect of social media

Social media is some websites and applications that support people to communicate or to participate in social networking. That is, any website that allows social interaction is considered as social media. We are familiar with almost social media networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. It makes us easy to communicate with the social world. We feel we are instantly connecting with people around us that we may not have spoken to in many years. Social networking is an extremely useful invention, but the most frequent users of social networking are the youth of the world.

Social media offers a trendy way to keep in touch with new friends. It becomes a dangerous medium capable of great damage if we handled it carelessly. Young people are incapable of identifying such troubles. But the impact of the Internet or social media is an important issue that we are facing now.


Pros and cons of social networking sites

Every technology may have some pros and a cons. Social networking site also has its own. It affects our lives in many ways. New technology and social media increases the amount of free speech platform. Unlike other countries, the people here can speak and comment against the government. Some companies started investigating their employees through social networks.

The two advantages being that it enables people the convenience of being able to connect with others all over the world without having to step a foot out of their homes and also the rare cases that crimes are sometimes solved through the help of a social media site.

People needed to aware the risks of using social networking sites.  There are many victims around us having such dangerous situations. Sharing one’s personal information with wrong crowd is one of the main issues. Personal information must be shared only using HIPAA compliant messaging. We have to privatize our social networking accounts. The main disadvantages of social networking is lack of emotional connection, lack of face to face communication, inauthentic expression of feelings, facilitates laziness, reduces family closeness etc. Such disadvantages strike at the heart of healthy youth development. Bad people use social media as well as good people. So we need to protect ourselves from the latter.

How to overcome the youth addiction?

It is important to aware the people about the cause and effects of using social medias. Researching in the same field will reveal the effects of social media will help the public and society to understand the situation. Almost all Social Medias were impacting children’s social, emotional and physical development. So for awaring children, parents, teachers etc, we have to share related information for them. We need to begin research on the long term effects of social media on youth and children. Also we have to engage the people in the positive use of technology. It is essential to conduct education programs in the school for parents. Parents, students, and the community have to learn more about the issue. It is needed a better understanding of the consequences of negatively using and abusing social media. Educating parents may encourage them to control children’s use of social media.


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