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Stunning Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom – For A Blissful Sleep!

A huge population of adults suffer from poor quality sleep. That results in an irritable mood, being unproductive at work, or having health problems. If the reason for this lack of quality sleep is not related to health issues, it can easily be fixed. Most often the environment you sleep in is the leading cause of these sleep disturbances. This can be fixed easily by following the below bedroom decor ideas and creating a soothing, serene, and peaceful place to rest and relax.

Choose the Right Colour Combination

  • Colour Schemes: Opt for colour schemes that are soft and the most recommended colours are cooler shades of lavender, green, blue, or grey. Choose a scheme that is monochromatic as that has a more restful effect. While selecting the colours for flooring, windows and bedding opt for off-white or cream. If you want some variety, look for pale yellow or pastel blue.
  • Pattern: If you want to use a pattern in your bedroom but still want a soothing vibe it can still be achieved by choosing a single pattern for the entire space. Use the right fabric for the blinds, drapes, small rugs and pillows so that it adds an interesting look to it. If you have a lot of creamy white in your room then you can add a spark by using soft accent colours.
  • Add Texture: If you have a neutral palette adding texture to it, spices things a little. It can be done by adding white floor rug, quilted bedding, good-looking mirrors, or using carved bed frames.

A perfect combination of soft colours, interesting texture, and symmetrical foyer decor ideas give the bedroom a serene look.

Allow Light and Air 

Natural light and air are essential for the overall health of a person. There are numerous studies that show, natural light can boost mood and improve wellbeing. Ensuring that the room is bright, creates positive energy and a feeling of joy which results in good slumber. If you have large windows getting natural daylight and air becomes easy. But if the room does not have big windows you can still emulate it by using a bright print to your bedroom.

Since lighting makes a huge difference to the decor of the room, one can incorporate pendant lighting. There is a huge variety of options available and can be chosen based on the length and its design.

Use an Art Piece

A bedroom is a great place in your home for a gallery wall. You can group images together by including your favourites. However, many designers are moving away from the traditional gallery which is composed of small pieces and instead suggests a single piece of art. This statement art piece can even be even an oversized art which adds great energy to the room without making the room look cluttered. When you step into the bedroom, this statement art will release endorphins which are feel-good chemicals resulting in good sleep. The art piece can even be flags representing a team you support. Check out ultimate flags for such flags.

Add Greenery

Add a little greenery into your bedroom by using indoor plants. They not only improve the air quality in the room but also boost the quality of sleep. It also releases water vapour which increases the humidity in the air, reduces the germs, chemicals, and other air pollutants. Adding plants also promotes a feeling of calm which helps to destress and sleep better.

Choose the Right Bed

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom so it should be the one that suits the decor of your bedroom. A wooden bed, be it a carved or a simple one makes space look inviting. Apart from the bed, the mattress you sleep on should be comfortable. Look for a mattress that is luxurious and supportive. Add layered bedding like organic bamboo sheets, a comforter, quilts, blankets, pillows, etc. to make it look warm. Bamboo sheets are super soft and can be used in all weathers. When you are buying a bed frame and a mattress it is best to purchase them together at a single store as they are compatible.

While choosing the bed, ensure that it is neither too large nor too small. If you buy a large bed for a small room then it dwarfs the whole place. Whereas buying a small bed for a large room also looks odd. Many manufacturers like Wakefit offer DIY bed sizes to fit into your room so sizing is not a problem.

Add Lots of Pillows

Adding a few hotel quality pillows australia to your room instantly makes the room look cosy. Add a variety of cushions made of different fabrics, colours, and patterns. A great tip for decorating your bedroom is to overstuff pillows so that it mutes noise. The bedroom is the place where you spend most of the time (even if it means you are sleeping). Having a blissful and peaceful bedroom will not only help you unwind and relax after a long day but also helps in improving sleep quality. Follow the above-mentioned bedroom decor ideas to decorate it.

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