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Sketch vs. Figma

The sketch is application software, and its primary purpose is to design the web, User Experience (UX), and User Interface (UI) for the mobile apps. 

After being designed by Sketch, the files are then stored in it. The thing that makes it a little bit underdog is that it can run only on Mac Operating System. 

Figma to WordPress 

On the other side, Figma is a web-based editor that provides its users with some offline features. Desktop Applications enable these features for Windows and Mac Operating systems. Coding Figma design into a WordPress website is very easy. You can use multiple figma to WordPress services idea. 

To design an excellent product, designers should know about the steps in product design. Designers cannot depend on a single app to design a product. Instead of using a different app, they prefer tools. 

Designers using Sketch and Figma as well have seemed rare. In a survey conducted in 2020, 1975 of 4100 interviewees claimed to use Figma as a primary tool, making it the most widely used tool while Sketch with 1152 respondents held the second position.

More About Figma and Sketch 

In IOS and android, the users can simultaneously view and interact with Figma frameworks on mobiles. What makes it worth it is that you can open a shared file to see the design progress simultaneously. As both Sketch and Figma have the same purpose, some differences make them unique. Let’s discuss some distinctions briefly.

Figma has three platforms on which it can sprint, while Sketch has a single platform, Mac Operating System. But graphic designers always prioritize Macbook. So this factor cannot make Sketch worst than Figma. However, Figma provides its user with the benefit of storing designed files in the cloud and liberating the user’s space in the hard drive.

Figma provides its users with a real-time alliance. Figma allowed numerous content teams or designers to work on the same file simultaneously from the very beginning. It would not cause any disturbance till the team works in collaboration.

Reall-time collaboration can be complicated in Sketch. Consider that you and the team are working on the same file. You make some changes to any component that will affect the other components. So you have to stay connected with the whole team as you don’t know who is going to save the file. Maybe anyone makes you blocked because you may set them aside. Teams are working to overcome this problem, but they have not succeeded yet. 

Figma is a worldly, built-in developer with lenient potential. It can be regarded as an attribute developed by keeping the cross-functional teams in view. It was to meet the strong and long-time collaboration. Its built-in developers provide the developers with a panel to supervise the specifications by accessing a single shared file.

In the race of capitals, Sketch is far ahead. The community of Sketch is much larger than Figma. Because it is older than Figma, its feature of providing solutions on the distance of a search makes it brilliant. But Figma is not going to lose this race. It has introduced the plugin functionality. As Figma provides more features, it is gaining community so fast. So soon, indeed, Figma will left Sketch behind. 

If a small team wants to use Figma, they don’t need to buy a professional version because Figma facilitates a team of two members by giving them free access. Unrestricted access allows the team to manage three projects, document edit for one time, unlimited viewers, and unlimited cloud storage. Its professional version is available at just 12$/month for a single editor, which provides you with many facilities. There is an organizational version as well. Plugin administration and SSO+ advanced security are two of the many other facilities provided in the organizational version.

In contrast, Sketch doesn’t provide any free version, but its yearly subscription for 99$ allows the teams a whole range of advantages. Sketch’s teams get a 9$/month subscription for a single editor. Educators and students can get discounts on both Sketch and Figma.

In a Nutshell

Some of the distinct features can’t make another app worst. Both apps are exceptional in their features and advantages provided to their users. These have unique ways of working. Users of both apps are satisfied with the app they use. The only thing that makes a distinct difference is Figma Provides cloud storage while Sketch does not.

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