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7 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

It’s obvious that website conversion rate optimization is essential. You can hire a perfect team, make amazing goods and spend a fortune on advertising but it’s all useless if you don’t know how to increase website conversion rate, which tools to use and how to turn your website visitors into customers. CRO is especially important for those working in ecommerce. Your business will never be successful if your website doesn’t sell.

So what should you do? Of course, you can hire a special agency where UI and UX specialists will create a personal strategy and perform the complete CRO for website but it can cost a pretty penny.

If you are on a budget or just want to save money and learn something new, you can try to increase website conversion rate on your own using a couple of simple techniques from this small guide. It will probably not turn you into website conversion optimization expert but will set you on a right path so you can start improving your website and increasing your profit. Here are 7 basic ways to increase conversion rates that won’t take too many efforts.

1. Use high-quality pictures

No one wants to buy a pig in a poke and the customers want to clearly see what they are getting for their money. This is why you should only use the high-quality pictures that show your goods from their best angles but doesn’t bend the truth. Make sure the pictures are unique and are not already used by your competitors as it will rapidly spoil your reputation.

2. Add reviews

Placing good customer reviews in a prominent place on your website can increase your conversion rate by 20-100%. It’s important to use real reviews or at least make them look real. You can search for the examples on the successful companies’ websites or make up your own ideas on how to improve conversion using customer reviews.

3. Add online customer support

According to the studies, the availability of interactive chat or other kind of online customer support can positively affect the website conversion rate. But make sure your customer support specialists are polite and experienced, otherwise, this idea can work against you. By the way, you don’t need to rework your website completely to add the customer support service. You can use a template and add a chat to your website with just a few steps.

4. Switch to red

If you don’t know which color to use on your call-to-action buttons, always choose red (unless you have a beautiful custom website design where red buttons don’t fit). For some reason this color make visitors push the button and thus increase your profit. As you can see, sometimes there is no need to use special website conversion optimization services — just change the color of the website elements and you are all set.

5. Offer special promotions

When the prospective customer looks at your website and sees bright banners that offer special promotions, discounts or new goods, it can pretty much make him or her conclude a purchase. Tell them which benefits they can get if they buy your goods or services right now and your CR will grow.

6. Less is more

Decreasing the number of text boxes in the checkout form can at the same time increase the number of completed purchases. Many clients don’t want to spend their time on filling a dozen of boxes and will rather go to your competitor that only needs their name and address.

7. Redesign your website

If you still don’t know how to implement all these simple steps, you can go for the complete redesign of your website. If you are not a design and development specialist, you can consult the experts like so you don’t spend the money in vain.

It seems that it’s not too hard to optimize for conversions, doesn’t it? With this short tutorial, you can now increase the conversion rate of your website whether it’s the e-store or landing page.

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