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Easing Your Daily Grind: Top Free Android Apps for Frazzled Commuters

Your daily commutes don’t have to be mired in mindless hours of staring into space or scrolling through the same Facebook feed over and over again. It also doesn’t have to be that stressful either. There is a lot of great apps to get you through the day both before and after work. It doesn’t matter if you take a bus and train or are driving down the highway, there’s an Android App to spice up that ride.


Being on Time

The first way you want to start out any day is actually getting on time. Right after that alarm goes off, it always seems like there’s so much to do. You can mitigate this feeling by knowing you’re in control through some much-needed apps.

  1. Weather: We often don’t give ourselves enough time in the morning. That’s why it’s best to prepare before the morning or during that time. Apalon Apps has a weather app so you know what conditions are going to be like on the road that day.
  1. In Transit: If you’ve ever taken a bus or train you know that schedules can get messed up and often more times than not, they do. The Transit App is one that provides real time scheduling over thousands of transportation services in multiple cities.

Entertainment For You

Once you’ve got yourself covered and on time, you can use this time to have a little luxury before going off to work. This can come in the form of podcasts if you’re driving yourself or a good magazine service. If you want to kick back and relax before the daily grind, then there’s always the option for some great music along the way too.

  1. Podcasts: There’s a massive library of books out there begging to be read. If you’re an avid reader, it’s not practical to try and read on a cramped bus or train. Driving and reading is out of the question – for now. That’s why Audible is an app that gives you access to a vast quantity of books to listen to on the commute.
  1. Music: Sometimes all you need to get through the traffic is some good tunes. Spotify is a great Android App that offers an unprecedented library to listen to anything that fits your musical palette.

Staying Informed

We’re given limited time during the day. If you’re studying or trying to learn something new, you want to be able to utilize every minute of the day. Here’s some great information based Android applications.

  1. News: NPR News is great for multiple uses. Turn on the audio and listen to some breaking news while reading an article.
  1. Extended Learning Programs: Learning a new language or want to study some other important topics. The Great Courses offers a free Android App for perspective renaissance men and women. Check out University level classes during transit.

A commute doesn’t have to be a horrible ordeal, but one for relaxation and growth. You can start being productive going to work and back. Stay on the swivel with these top apps for your day.


About the author:

This guest post is provided by Bethany Ward. Bethany is a Mom of two kids and works full-time in a doctor’s office, commuting an hour each day to and from work.

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