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Should You Hire a Ghost Writer: Pros & Cons of Hiring a Ghost Writer

The importance of content in this highly-competitive world is undeniable. It’s not just a way of promoting your business; rather, it’s a great way to communicate the relevant information and business message to the targeted audience. We live in an era where digital marketing is on the rise, and currently, content is ruling the digital marketing realms. Whether you run a small or medium-sized organization or a hugely successful company, without having a well-constituted content marketing strategy developing brand awareness is a daunting task.

One of the crucial aspects of promoting your brand and business through content is consistency. You have to be consistent not just with the tone of your content but also with content production. As far as consistent content production is concerned, writing posts and blogs on a regular basis are a daunting job.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have time to spare for composing articles and blogs. However, lack of time is not always the problem. Being a business person doesn’t require you to have a great writing skillset, you might be an expert in your industry, but that doesn’t mean that you have to an expert writer on related topics and subjects.

If you want to get your blogs and articles published under your name, then the simple solution is to hire a ghostwriter or here is the step by step guide to become a ghost writer. Ghostwriters are people who write content for your business and brand and doesn’t take any credit for their written work. This means that the articles and blogs get published under the name of the hirer. You get high-quality work, and they get paid higher than other freelance writers. From blogs and articles to scripts, music lyrics, novels, and public speeches, many agencies provide affordable ghostwriting services of some of the best and experienced ghostwriters.

Ghostwriting is now a universal approach that is not practiced and preferred by hundreds and thousands of companies and business organizations. The main reason for such global preference is that these writers are not just well-versed rather, they have significant experience in research and SEO, which adds values to your content.

With that being, let’s explore some of the most common advantages and disadvantages of hiring a ghostwriter:


#1: High-quality Content

Hiring a professional and experienced writer to produce content for your brand development not only guarantees you with well-researched and well-composed content; rather, it also gives a competitive edge to your business. A professional ghostwriter does thorough research to figure out potential competition, market trends, and industry developments. This makes your content rich and informative.

#2: Efficiency

Producing high-quality and relevant regularly is one of the key requirement for better brand awareness and improved online reputation. However, when you have stacks of to-do lists and a tough schedule of meetings, producing quality content can be a challenge. However, a professional ghostwriter not only reduces all such hassles. Paying someone to do the writing job means that all that would have to happen without having you getting worried about it.

#3: Increases Focus

Hiring a ghostwriter frees you from the worries and struggles of writing blogs and articles. This allows you to focus on your actual job– the job of doing business and marketing. A professional ghostwriter not just eases up the digital marketing activities, but it also helps in reducing the stress of business owners and entrepreneurs.

#4: Proper and Excellent SEO

A great ghostwriter is not just well-aware of the importance of SEO in digital marketing; rather, he also knows how to use the techniques to make your content better. It requires thorough research, a clear understanding of the trends, keywords, analytics tools, and indexing—all this needs expertise. So leaving the job of the professionals to the professionals benefits you with increased traffic and more exposure and sales.


Those were some of the key benefits that a professional ghostwriter can provide you with. But, there’s always a bad side to everything, and hiring a ghostwriter is no exception to it. So here are some of the common disadvantages of hiring a ghostwriter that you should bear in mind going for this content marketing approach:

#1: Expenses

Well, this one is quite justified. A ghostwriter offers you his writing services and skills without taking any credit for his work. However, giving up on all the writing credits allows them to charge higher than other writers and writing experts.

#2: The Project Briefing

At first, you have to spend significant time searching for a renowned and professional ghostwriter. Once you have hired one, you have taken some time out to prepare your brief. Make sure that the hired writer understands all the objectives and requirements. Failing to do so might leave you with a poorly composed and written content.

#3: Non-ghostwriter Offer Free Marketing

Writers love to share their work with the world. If your hired writer likes a written piece, he will probably share it on social media and other platforms which benefits your business and brand with free marketing.


If you are not sure about hiring a ghostwriter, then you could try doing it yourself or you could all the writing tasks to someone at your company. If none of that works for you and budget allows you for it then you could hire a writing agency to do the writing job for you.

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