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Top 5 driving apps to try in 2017

Did you know that there are loads of smartphone apps you can use to help you on the road? We’ve compiled a list of our five favourite driving apps to try in 2017 – just don’t use your phone whilst you’re driving, or you could face a fine or conviction! And in case you are a driver, you can use driver app that will help you keep track of your earnings.

Insurance Revolution find out what driving apps are around.

DriveGain – £3.99

Do you find yourself disheartened by the amount you spend on petrol each month? If the answer is a resounding ‘YES’, then you’ll love this little app! DriveGain helps you save fuel as you drive by recommending what gear you should be in, and giving you tips on how to save fuel as a result.

It’s not just a money saving app, use DriveGain and you’re helping to save the planet, too! Knowing which gear you should be in reduces your CO2 emissions, and allows you to travel further before needing to stop at a petrol station.

Glovebox – 69p

There are few things more annoying than having an endless array of paperwork in your vehicle’s glove compartment, now you can store all of this important data in one handy app! You’ll still have to keep the paperwork for emergencies, but storing all of this information in your smartphone will alert you to any approaching dates you need to know about (i.e. MOT, road tax).

Petrol Prices Pro – £2.99

Another one for drivers wanting to save some cash! Petrol Prices Pro uses your location to give drivers a list of fuel prices from nearby petrol stations. You could end up saving a bundle!


What’s more annoying than rising petrol prices? Not being able to find where you’ve parked the car! Now, wandering around aimlessly searching can be a thing of the past with iCarPark, which logs you and your car’s location so you can find your way back easily. It even logs individual spaces, so multi-stories and huge open-plan car parks aren’t an issue.

TomTom – £50

Although pricier than the other apps featured on this list, the TomTom app is still cheaper than the brand’s standalone satnav. With the TomTom app, you still get to use all the features of the satnav, plus European versions for those who are jetting off on their jollies!

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