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How Does CMMS Increase ROI?

The primary goal is every organization, is to maximise the ROI and reduce the operational cost. However, today most businesses are heavy on assets and, it is almost impossible to manage all the assets and run a zero down-time operational unit. Issues such as machine break-down, labour problems, inadequate inventory, and improper allocation of work orders, prove to be the biggest hindrance in the growth of any business. Even today, a lot of big businesses also run on the principle of reactive maintenance, rather than the internationally accepted practice of preventive maintenance.

What is the preventive maintenance strategy?

As the name suggests, Preventive maintenance is performed regularly, to avoid any sudden asset break-down. When assets go through regular maintenance, they work smoothly, with very little problems. Preventive maintenance is widely accepted by big brands across the globe. It minimises equipment failures and enhances overall equipment efficiency. To implement this strategy the CMMS system is used, that automates work processes and makes the entire unit work in sync. All in all, the CMMS software can set the foundation of a strong organisation that can be quoted as a perfect OEE example by achieving the milestone of 85% efficiency level.

What does CMMS stand for?

CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System is a software that helps organizations save a huge cost on maintenance. The CMMS centralises the entire maintenance data so that it can be used by everyone in the organisation to enhance their operations. You will be surprised to know that organisations with only 10 members have also benefited from the use of CMMS. The software reduces cost and increases overall productivity. Compared to the cost of implementing the software, the ROI extracted, is almost 100 times more.

How can CMMS, increase ROI?

Here are 2 distinct ways a CMMS can help your business achieve the desired goals and upsurge their ROI.

1. Reducing Equipment Downtime

The biggest challenge that industries face is equipment downtime. On average, a manufacturer faces more than 500 hours of zero productivity during work hours. The major cause of these paid unproductive hours is equipment downtime. The CMMS will help in implementing the preventive maintenance strategy which can take care of every asset and ensure that the overall efficiency of the machine is enhanced. Further CMMS helps in data integration, it centralises the asset information right from the right of purchase, based on this data the maintenance managers can allocate work orders and decide their equipment budgets. In short, the CMMS empowers the managers to track, report and reduce downtime

2. Optimum Labour Utilization

The labour force is an integral part of every industrial unit. If the people working within the unit are managed properly, then all work orders can be completed on time, without the need for computing extra hours. Issues like untrained labours, frequent breakdown, overtime costs and labour strikes are part of every manufacturing unit. However, the CMMS offers features that can motivate the labour force to work more efficiently and smartly. Using the latest technology like mobile-based CMMs, QR codes, bar-code scanning, workforce allocation, work order tracking and more, the CMMS empowers the labour force and the technicians to work smoothly, without having to perform the same task repeatedly.

Further, the workers can upload the issues related to equipment’s, using the mobile device and technician can get a real-time feed of the problem, ensuring that they are resolved on a priority basis. Once the machine is fixed, the technician can input the repair details and close the job so that everyone in the organization stays updated. Most importantly, the CMMs units the entire workforce from top to bottom, thus, creating a smooth flow of communication and ensuring 100% transparency.

The Bottom line

Technology can be an expensive affair, but if used optimally it can reap great benefits, that will not only get reflected in your balance sheets but will also lay the foundation of a strong operational unit that will perform even in the most challenging circumstances.

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