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Is Ultra 4K Really The Next Step For Television?

The next generation of television viewing comes in the form of 4K, also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD). This new higher level of picture quality is said to be four times clearer than the standard HD pictures that we are used to viewing at the moment. So, is this really the next big thing in television?

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Why You Should Be Excited About 4K

When you watch television in 4K you will see everything on screen in the highest possible detail and with crystal clarity. A UHD picture contains over 8 million pixels giving it so much detail and depth that you will almost feel like you are watching 3D without having to wear those goofy glasses! In short, this is television at its very best and it is definitely going to become the standard in future much as HD has become the norm today.

All of the major electronics brands including Samsung, Panasonic and Sony have started to roll out 4K televisions to consumers, although they are currently pretty cost prohibitive with even entry level sets costing thousands. There are even devices emerging which allow 4K video playback.

Holding Off On Buying a 4K Television

Nobody can deny that 4K looks set to be the next big thing in terms of television, but its time has yet to come. It is still too early to be jumping on the Ultra HD bandwagon just yet. 4K will be the next big thing, but it isn’t yet! As noted, the 4K televisions are available now, but they are very expensive. As with all new technology the price is sure to drop once demand and popularity increase so it makes good financial sense to wait a couple of years until 4K really makes its way into the mainstream.

Another reason to hold off for now is that there just isn’t a huge amount of 4K content out there at the moment so it is difficult to justify the hefty price tag that comes with a 4K television if you are only going to be able to watch standard HD programming. If you take a look at websites such as you will see that most television providers are not offering any 4K content as part of their cable and satellite packages.

The cost of launching a 4K channel is steep, so it will be some time before broadcasters make that leap. It’s almost a catch 22 situation with consumers unwilling to pay out for a 4K television due to a lack of 4K content and broadcasters not willing to invest in 4K content because not enough consumers own 4K televisions! However, 4K Blu-rays are expected to be available in time for Christmas 2015, but there is little information about how much they will cost and of course a 4K Blu-ray player will also be required.

The Final Verdict

We take it for granted now, but one thing that we need to remember is that HD actually tool well over a decade to become as mainstream as it is today. The transition to 4K is not going to happen overnight, but it is going to happen. As technology continues to evolve there are going to be new and more efficient ways of using 4K and content in this format will become more widely available. However, until then it is probably wise to stick with your standard HD television for just a little while longer.

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