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15 Essential HTML5 Interview Questions and Answers

What are the versions of HTML There are major five versions of HTML that have existed in today’s date? The first version of HTML, which is also known as HTML 1, was the first released which had very limited usage and did not provide many functions. The second version of HTML was just an updated format of the first version where certain features were added to the pre-existing HTML 1 for the users to have a standardized usage. When there was more competition in the market, HTML was not doing good because of its very basic usability.

This version of HTML was to live a very beneficial form of HTML as it introduced the world wide web consortium. This was a revolution as it created great synchronization among all the users from different parts of the world. The fourth version of HTML supported several browsers, such as internet explorer, which also enhance the usability of the users.

The most modern version of HTML, which is still in use in today’s date, is HTML5 which is the most functional format of HTML compatible for numerous devices to meet the convenience of the users. 

1. Why is <!DOCTYPE HTML> used in the beginning of HTML Pages? 

<!DOCTYPE HTML> Indicates the version of the HTML which the user is currently using. This particular data type actually employees to the first generation of HTML, which is completely based upon the standard generalized Javascript training markup language.

2. What Do we understand by metadata?

Metadata is actually a form of data that provide various pieces of information to a particular web page. These are actually types that help us in finding out a particular web page without much worry, and it is commonly used in many places. There are three types of metadata which is the link, style and title. The link majorly helps in providing a proper relationship between the webpage and the external source from which someone is trying to gain access to the web page. Style help in setting CSS scored into the webpage for better access. The title helps people in getting access to the page due to the surroundings and the major topic headline of the webpage.

3. Name the list tags that are commonly used in the HTML5 portal

When we talk about list statue, understand that there are numerous list tags used in the HTML5 portal, but majorly there are three types of list tags that are very commonly used in numerous webpages. The first one is the ordered list. The ordered list users <ol>…</ol> This actually helps in providing information about the list in a numerical format. The unordered lists provide the list in a bullet format and its uses <ul>…</ul>. The definition list majorly due to providing definition terms and detail definitions with the usage of <dl>…</dl>.

4. What are the different attributes in HTML5?

There are five major attributes in HTML5, which are the data time, placeholder, number, telephone and email. 

5. Can someone insert copyright symbols on a web page?

Yes, a person can conveniently use copyright symbol in the webpage was the usage of &copy and & #169.

6. What do you understand by a hyperlink?

 A hyperlink is another link that is present in the current website in the form of a picture or text which redirect to a new webpage.

7. Need for web storage options available in HTML5

The two storage options were available in HTML5, the session storage and the local storage, which help in the storage of numerous data.

8. What is SSE? 

SSE is their canon for server-sent events, which helps in addressing the numerous events that come from the circle.

9. Name the latest attributes that are available in HTML5

The latest attribute in HTML5 the autocomplete and non validate. 

10. How can someone hide the HTML source code? 

HTML source code cannot be hidden under any circumstance.

11. What do you understand by cell padding? 

Cell padding is the term that refers to the gap present between the cell wall and the cell border in the HTML portal.

12. Name the different types of doctypes available on the HTML

There are three types of doctypes available on the HTML portal, which are the strict doctype, transitional doctype and frameset doctype.

13. List down all the APIs in the HTML5 portal 

DOM level 1 


Dom level 2 HTML 

DOM level 3

14. When is the meter tag used in HTML

 The meter tag is used when there has to be a proper definition of scalar measurement in the HTML.

15. Why is the cite tag used in HTML? 

Site tags are used in HTML to properly showcase the title of the work.

These are the 15 major interview questions that a candidate is more likely to face while sitting for an interview for an HTML5 professional position.

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