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Top Recommendations of Apps to spy on WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is a popular text and call app. It is used by more than 2 billion people over 180 countries across the globe. With so many people using the app on a daily basis, we are sure you are wondering what your loved ones are up to on this popular chat app. Be it your spouse, your children, and your employees, we are pretty sure they are up to something when using the app. And the easiest way to know, it’s to learn how to spy on Whatsapp messages with spy apps.

Regardless of what they are using the chat app for, here are some of the best spy apps made for WhatsApp. Mind you that almost every spy apps can be used to track WhatsApp. However, there are some spy apps that don’t really work. You wouldn’t be able to track the calls and text messages on your target devices’ WhatsApp.

At the same time, there are spy apps made especially for Android devices, iOS devices, and for different tracking purposes. Like how some spy apps can be used to track your cheating spouses better, whereas some spy apps are better at tracking a lazy employee. Regardless of what your aim is, your main goal is to track the messages and calls sent and received over WhatsApp app. Here are some of the best spy apps for tracking WhatsApp.

1. mSpy

mSpy is a popular spy app recommended and used by many people. It is made specifically for parents who wish to track their kids’ device behaviors, their geolocations, and many more. As it is made specialized for parents to track their kids, you can bet that it can be used to track your kids’ WhatsApp texts and calls.

You can check on mSpy’s log what messages and media your kids have sent to their friends. With mSpy you are able to check who they are talking to. With the tracking feature mSpy has, you can also track who your child calls via WhatsApp. You can listen to the conversation and with whom.

mSpy isn’t just a popular spy app for parents to track their kids. The spy app also comes with a price tag that many people cannot resist. mSpy offers 3 main packages starting from US$29.99 per month for its basic package.

mSpy is compatible with both iOS (not jailbroken) and Android devices. If you are a parent who are looking for a great WhatsApp tracking app and hope that it works on your devices, the mSpy is one that you should consider.

2. Flexispy

Flexispy is another comprehensive spy app that you can use to track WhatsApp messages. It’s not made in particular for any groups of people. So that means if you wish to use Flexispy to track what your employees send to their friends, or if you are a concerned parent wanting to know who your kids interact with on the app, then this spy app is for you. It’s a comprehensive spy app that has every feature available. That’s why a lot of people like using this spy app.

However, the downside to Flexispy is that you need to get its premium package in order to be able to track WhatsApp messages and calls. Its premium packages (called extreme package) don’t come cheap either.

Its premium package (which is Flexispy’s “basic package”) cost US$68 per month. On the other hand, its extreme package cost US$199 for 3 months.

When you install Flexispy on the devices, you will need to root your target devices if it is an Android OS. If it is an Apple iOS device, you will need to jailbreak it.

3. XNSpy

XNSpy is similar to mSpy where you can track WhatsApp on both iOS and Android platforms. It functions more or less the same on both platform except for 1 small difference. On Android devices, you are able to track both WhatsApp calls and texts. However, on iPhone devices you can only track the texts and not the calls though.

Unlike most, if not all other spy apps where you can track both calls and texts on your targets’ WhatsApp. XNSpy has a small difference compared to most other spy apps. If you are an iPhone Apple user, then you won’t be able to track WhatsApp calls. If this is something that is important to you, then we guess that it’s better off you find one that allows you to track WhatsApp calls on Apple iOS platforms.

In terms of pricing, XNSpy is more on the middle to higher side. Its basic package starts from US$49.99 whereas the premium package starts from US$59.99.

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another spy app that functions on both iOS and Android. It was previously made just for Android devices until some years ago, they have made it available for iOS platforms too.

People like Hoverwatch for its easy and clean user interface and experience. A lot of people who have used this before said that they find Hoverwatch one of the easiest spy apps to use.

Basically, every messages and calls you get tracking on WhatsApp messages will be put under one log. The WhatsApp call and text log provides a clean and straightforward information for its users. Simply put it’s a simple log for people to access any calls and texts made on Hoverwatch. Furthermore, people who have used Hoverwatch before mentioned that they like it because it provides a free-trial period.

In terms of pricing, it’s considered one of the more affordable ones. Personal packages start from US$24.95 per month up to US$499.99 per month (quarterly rate) on the business package.


The bottom line is that almost every spy app allows you to track WhatsApp calls and texts. Sometimes there will be issues where the spy apps will not allow you to track the WhatsApp calls and texts on certain platforms. However, in the broad sense the abovementioned spy apps usually will allow you to access WhatsApp calls and texts without much problems. Also, sometimes for some people it depends on how much they want to spend on a spy app. As not everyone is financially inclined to get the most expensive packages.

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