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Learn About Monitoring Apps and How to Track My Kid’s Phone

Kids grow up so fast, and parents often don’t have time to keep things under control. These days, monitoring can be done remotely and unobtrusively with child tracking apps. From calls and messages to locations and a keylogger, you can go as far as you need to and sort through every situation with the data at your fingertips.

Reasons Why I Need to Track My Child’s Phone

Although many families live under the same roof, the daily routine allows them to see each other only early in the morning and late in the evening while the child goes about their business during the daytime. Therefore, tracking apps for Android or Apple are, in some way, to follow up on children’s lives, which, however, should not be abused. By observing the child’s phone location, parents can know exactly where their offspring went and notice suspicious locations or behaviors.

In addition to security, some child tracking apps offer control of the programs installed on the target device to limit the child’s excessive dipping into the virtual world. If you’re tired of making constant reminders about homework and hearing crickets in response, you can influence a child’s phone usage by blocking or restricting access.

How to Track My Child’s Phone If I’m New to This?

Luckily, you have wondered ’How to track my kids’ phone?’ in this day and age. You can choose an app for tracking your child based on what exactly you want to monitor, the format, and last but not least, the budget. The choice of Android and iOS apps is wide enough. Basically, after reading reviews on the Internet or trying the software in demo or free mode, you can get or renew a subscription for the period you need (a month, three, six months, etc.).

Do you need to install something? Not necessary. iPhone monitoring solutions are usually the most benign and don’t drain your battery or eat up your data because the data that the application will transfer to you in a compiled form will go straight from iCloud. But even top child tracking apps for Android, as a rule, cannot do without installing the program on the target device itself.

How to Track My Kid’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

When it comes to monitoring, there are two ways you can go as a parent: discuss with your child the importance of such a process and provide examples of how this can help, or spy on the child’s cell phone without them knowing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but they are also combined in one solution – you can use the phone tracker app without permission by disabling such settings during the installation of the app.

Parental Guide: Best Child Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

If you’re afraid you won’t be able to find your way around these tech products, don’t worry – monitoring apps for parents are very intuitive to navigate. Next, we will talk about applications that have made life easier for many parents.


After purchasing a gadget connected to the Internet for your child, you, as parents, know for sure that it will become a constant companion that they will rarely let go of. If you plan to control and limit the amount of time spent on entertainment on your phone (say, Snapchat or Instagram), Qustodio will make no bones about your child’s phone use. One of the most popular child tracking apps, Qustodio, is critical about monitoring and will help caring parents to:

  • set limits on phone activity
  • sift through content
  • monitor application usage
  • receive regular alerts and SOS messages
  • locate family members through GPS
  • track calls and text messages


When a child refuses to share their location with you or spends a lot of time tapping on the screen, a parent may look for a solution and figure out how to track my child’s cell phone. Instead of confronting a child every time, mSpy offers a discreet tracking tool. Discover who your child is talking to, for how long, read their social media chats and even deleted messages on their phone, and much more. The app offers useful features like a keylogger and screen recorder on Android phone while running in stealth mode.


According to statistics, parents are most worried about where their children are trying to find out their child’s phone location by calling friends and acquaintances. And 47% use the tracking device because curious about where their child goes and what places they visit during the day. GEOfinder service is one of the best location tracking products that show the exact location using a phone number. It is not demanding on the operating system or access to the target device – all you need to do is fill in one field with a phone number on their website.

Life 360

Life 360 is another app that allows parents to watch their children and facilitate a modern lifestyle. With the following GPS features at hand, parents can be sure that everything is in order with their loved ones:

  • location updates and lists of frequently visited places
  • notifications when a person reaches home, school, etc.
  • laying a fast route to the target device

Google Family Link

Google tools have been helping us with our day-to-day activities for a long time, and this one is coming to the aid for free in dealing with our little family members. If you’re not sure if the Android or iPhone apps they install are actually useful, you can gently tweak their digital behavior.

Often, if children using cell phones go unchecked, this can lead to excessive spending time on the gadget, which many people want to avoid. This tool helps with these challenges for modern parents and also allows you to “track my child’s phone” location.

Pros and Cons of Child Tracking Apps as They Are

Only the pure facts and nothing else – see what factors help thousands of users decide on a hidden phone tracker app.


  • track social media, phone files, location, etc. from computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world
  • keep kids safe online and offline
  • use free child tracking apps alongside paid products that support payments with more sophisticated and powerful designs


  • some products require data usage and slow down the target device


There is one good intention that unites parents in the USA, Europe, Africa, and any other part of the world – this is to make every effort to ensure child safety wherever kids are. If you’re still undecided about how exactly “track my kids’ phone”, check out the best child tracking apps in this article, and you’ll be able to choose the one that suits your tracking needs.

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