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Published on August 30th, 2016 | by Guest


Tips on Choosing the Best Headphones [Infographic]

What do you look for in headphones and earphones? While there are many models to select from, your intended use should assist significantly to narrow your choices.

Sound quality, of course, is vital to everyone; but for some, big bass is a must where others favor open, full-range reproduction that emphasizes overall precision. Other factors include isolation, ease, weight, portability, and fit, which we’ll talk about below.

Do you require headphones or earphones to plug into a handy player of some type for casual listening? Or are you looking for a set of studio-worthy reference headphones for monitoring recordings? The following discussion of the different types of headphones and earphones and their applications will give you the fundamental knowledge you require to select the correct model for your purpose.

Below infographic, brought to you by 1More UK, revolves around the tips on choosing the best headphone.

Choosing Your Next Headphones

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