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Human Resources and Digital Explosion: Act Now or Perish Later!

A number of roles and responsibilities that were once undertaken by humans are undergoing notable changes and at great pace. Yes, bots, mobile payroll apps and automation tools are snatching away most of the mundane tasks enabling human resources people to dedicate more time on other critical tasks.

Nonetheless, tech pundits and experts are apprehensive about how the HR will fare when it comes to dealing with the upcoming challenges that the digital explosion would bring in.

Here is a rundown on some of the prominent challenges that the HR need to brace for:

  • The impending digital workforce entails a lot more than just humans!

Businesses are taking the giant leap i.e., moving from the industrial age to the digital age, but is it the same with human resources?

Automation and bots are driving most of the business operations in today’s digital age. For example, chatbots are interacting with the customers to help resolve routine and simple queries. In addition, chatbots are performing a range of human resources tasks as well. So the question remains: is HR ready to blend in? Is HR ready for embracing automated HR payroll software for carrying out routine tasks?

  • If not HR, then who will differentiate and address bias issues in analytics and big data?

If HR doesn’t keep a track on the feedstock for data analytics, then who will? In simpler terms, can the human resources make such critical assessments if it lacks the required proficiency and resources to do so internally? And if it does, then how efficiently?

  • Can HR clinch onto the change?

Tractors did not replaced farmers, but the horses. Similarly, mankind was apprehensive about the invention of automobiles as well. Likewise, there are folks who are still fearful and apprehensive when it comes to cloud technology and its abilities. The future certainly has no space for the naysayers and the ones, who fear cloud technology and it’s potential. Therefore, resistance to change is pointless. Cloud HR payroll software and mobile payroll apps on Nominak website are all set to become the new BFFs for human resources people.

  • The next-gen HR should be tech-savvy

Businesses will witness a cloudburst of robust analytics tool for HR operations in the future. This is why the next-gen HR should be proficient when it comes to analytics. Simply put, the HR of future will not only be dealing with pools of data, but also with the ever-evolving forms of data. Talk about data mining. Therefore, the best way for HR professionals to enter the game of big data and analytics is to leverage HR payroll software to the fullest whilst getting accustomed to novel analytical terms such as cost modelling, machine learning, data mining, etc.

  • Time to brace for a new breed of HR analytics

Yes, soon you will be coming across a new set of analytics and metrics in a human resources department near you. Here are few:

  • Forecasting whether a potential hire would emerge as a top performer
  • Forecasting which employee is likely to commit a theft or fraud within the organisation
  • Forecasting which employees are likely to switch jobs
  • Forecasting future leaders
  • Identifying key factors that drive optimum engagement among employees
  • Forecasting workplace/employee burnouts
  • Forecasting statutory/payroll and employment law compliance issues
  • Identifying upcoming hiring patterns
  • Forecasting payroll fraud


To conclude it can be opined that HR will be no longer about only employee management in future. In fact, it will be more about managing and working in tandem with HR payroll software, data, analytics, bots, automation, etc. Human resource has traversed a long way since its origin outgrowing the nickname of ‘human’ resources, though the human touch will never cease. Nevertheless, the future in its entirety is about reviving the scope and name of HR. In other words, the archaic moniker would just not fit in anymore.


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Anwar Shaikh is a tech blogger and writes on various business improvement solutions such as CRM, ERP and HR Payroll software. An ardent tech chaser, Anwar is driven by latest technological trends. Currently associated with Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based HR management and payroll solution to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

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