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How to Make Money with YouTube Super chat?

What really is YouTube Super Chat?

YouTube Super Chat is a feature that allows a fan to post a highlighted message on the comment section of a live YouTube feed. The highlighted message is pinned for an amount of time allowing the fan to get more attention from his or her favorite content creator. This feature was meant to replace the previous “fan funding” tool that allowed fans to pay content creators. The amount of time that the highlighted post stays pinned on the cat section is dependent on the amount of money that the fan has paid to post it.

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YouTube Super Chat for the Content Creators

For content creators, YouTube Super Chat is actually a dream come true. It is a new way for them to monetize their content. From whatever amount in the range of a dollar to 500 dollars that a fan decides to pay for their comment to be pinned YouTube only takes 30 percent. The rest of the money is left to be received by the content creator.

The following are a number of ways that describe how you can make money with YouTube Super Chat.

  • Promote Your Live Stream Sessions

The more people that are watching your live stream, the more people that are likely to pay to have their comments on your chat section. Regardless of the content that you are sharing, be it a sermon, a lecture, a tutorial, an interview or even an entertainment piece, the goal of you sharing it on YouTube is for the public to view. When you go the extra mile to promote your content you get more viewership and more people with similar interests are likely to subscribe to your channel in anticipation of similar content in future. You can promote your content using your social media pages yourself or directly through the platform by paying them. You can also promote your content by backlinking your YouTube page to websites and blogs that have similar content. The number of viewers is directly proportional to the number of comments and more specifically pinned comments.

  • Interact Directly with Your Fans During the Stream

Fans want to interact with their content creator directly because they are a fan or they want to share their thoughts on the content that is being aired. When you as the content producer interact with them by either reading their comments or asking them questions during the live stream, you foster communication and encourage engagement. This engagement brings about a rapid flow of comments and the fans who have the most desire to be heard are most likely going to pay to have their comments highlighted and pinned to increase the chances of them getting read. Having a Q&A session during a live stream is a perfect way of fostering good relationships with your fans because it makes them feel heard and recognized. When you ask and answer the questions that the fans put forward to you in the chat section, it encourages them to comment, ask and answer even more. This builds your traffic and increases the chances and number of fans that would pay to have their comments highlighted.

  • Create More Content and Have More Sessions

Is there a difference between making a hundred and forty dollars in a week and making twenty dollars every day for one week? No. The difference is the same. If you are looking to increase the amount of money you make from YouTube Super Chat, you can choose t increase the frequency with which you have your live stream sessions. This would mean that you provide your viewers with more content than before. The advantage with having more sessions is that you reach out to more people and you generally increase your fan base. Make sure that you fluctuate the time of the stream so that you get to reach a wider variety of people. You can maximize on the time or days that are more convenient for your target audience so that you capitalize on the resources that you use to provide the live stream. Considering the nature of content that you supply your fans with, you can try to be flexible and create content that would also capture the attention of people other than your current audience. This would boost your fan base and increase the interaction in your chat sections.

YouTube Super Chat is clearly a beneficial feature to content producers regardless of the nature of the content they produce. YouTubers with a huge following stand the chance to benefit the most from their fans but the content producers with less followers still stand to make some money from this feature.

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