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5 Great Tech Gadgets for Bikers

If you are looking for the ideal gift for someone who rides a motorcycle, you have come to the right place. There are many innovative devices to make life easier and safer for the motorcyclist and such a device makes for the perfect gift.

There are some cool tech gadgets available and here are just a few examples.

  1. Smartphone Holder – There are models that hold the device magnetically and what’s more, the device holder is also a wireless charger, meaning your smartphone will never die while you are using Google Maps. The holder can easily be attached to any location and as it is fully adjustable, your phone will fit snugly and provide you with your GPS directions. If you do happen to know the make and model of the rider’s smartphone, you can buy one that is specifically designed for that make.
  2. Battery Management System – You can buy a single unit that manages your bike battery and the gadget is suitable for all 12V battery types. Check out the oximiser at Wheels Motorcycles, a leading UK bike dealer and accessories supplier. The unit has a bulk start charge, which will get your bike going in an emergency, plus the device can give you a readout on battery health. The device can be left permanently connected and will always monitor the battery health, while also providing an emergency electric start, should your battery lose its charge.
  3. Helmet Lock – Helmets are very expensive and without a lock, you could easily return to your bike and see that your helmet has disappeared. There are digital models with a four-digit code that you enter, while there are also combination locks, which ensure your lid is not stolen. This is an inexpensive gift that will be warmly received, as no one likes to lose their helmet. Here are a few tech innovations to help senior citizens.
  4. Helmet Cam – Great for bike riders, having a GoPro type camera on top of your helmet provides the evidence you need when someone causes an accident. There are many different brands and an online search will take you to a supplier, where you can view a range of products, all at affordable prices.
  5. Airbag Vest – These are great safety devices, with an air-inflated vest that would protect your torso in the event of a collision. The vest is not inflated until milliseconds after impact, which can happen thanks to some great technology. The battery is rechargeable and last for around 20 hours, and should the worst happen, this gadget might just save your life. Every rider would greatly appreciate such a gift and we all want to be as safe as possible on the roads. Here is some UK government information about bike riding and the licence requirements.

You can find these and many more tech biker gadgets from the online supplier, who stock an impressive range of biker accessories. Shopping online makes it very easy to compare prices and products and with a secure online payment, the goods are shipped to your home address.

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