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Top 5 Mistakes when Hiring React Developers

Unrelated expertise and shortsighted recruitment challenge the competition for top React developers in a shrinking pool of talent.

React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) has grown in popularity since 2011. Essentially, it is a JavaScript library used to design and implement a website’s “user-facing” features. With over 10 million users on GitHub, React has cultivated a robust community for its ease of use and fast rendering among other things. There are also more than 10,000 companies using React, and it is no wonder the race to hire good React developers has become cutthroat.

How to hire React developers is a challenging question for many companies in the highly competitive tech market. In this regard, we have outlined some mistakes to avoid to ensure an overall smooth recruitment process.

Mistake #1: Hiring developers with similar front-end expertise

Hiring a developer with expertise from other front-end technologies (Angular, Vue, jQuery, etc.) to fill a React developer position is a common mistake many companies make. For instance, they might think of hiring an Angular developer and training them for React afterward is an easier path to take. However, these front-end frameworks differ from one another, with some having a steeper learning curve. In a scenario where a company urgently needs the skills of a React developer, doing this can only lead to a waste of company time and resources.

So, to see if the React developer is suitable for the job, hiring managers should examine technical skills. First, the candidates must have a strong background in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Second, hire React engineers who know how to work with JSX. Third, they should demonstrate a clear understanding of JavaScript fundamentals coupled with their ES6 skills. Fourth, they should be adept at using the Git toolkit and Redux. Lastly, React developers should know Node.js and node package manager (npm). Afterwards, hiring managers can conduct an evaluation to further test the React developer’s skills and, in turn, give the developer an idea of what tasks to expect upon working at the company.

Mistake #2: Hiring only locally

According to Forbes, there is a global shortage of talented developers that has reached up to 40 million worldwide. This number is expected to even reach 85.2 million by 2030. As a result, companies may face a loss of over $8.4 trillion in revenue.

In 2021, a job marketplace called Hired published a report where it showed that React is among the highest in-demand coding skills. This means hiring top React developers is only about to get more competitive. In the meantime, businesses should remember they are not only competing with other companies in their area, but with tech giants (Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, to name a few) that use React on their websites, too.

In countries with a small pool of local talent due to a lack of experts, it would be best for companies to not hire React developers only domestically. Instead, companies could turn to outsourcing, especially for urgent projects. Not only will companies have access to a bigger candidate database, but also to top-notch work at a reasonable cost.

Mistake #3: Failing to consider outsourcing

Recruitment takes time and resources. Hiring managers often face several challenges during the process, such as unresponsive candidates or candidates who drop out during assessment. Even when hiring managers finally sifted through countless applicants and found the perfect React developer for the job, they still might not end up accepting the offer. On top of that, the recruiting process and onboarding can take up to 6–12 months in many countries.

To remedy this, consider outsourcing to a development partner that can facilitate a tedious hiring process. Be sure to choose a trusted system integrator, ⁠like Altoros, that offers dedicated teams ready to start coding within 72 hours after sealing the deal.

Mistake #4: Failing to ask for a portfolio

When it comes to the question of how to hire React developers, the first thing recruitment managers will look for is a CV, which can give a good idea of the applicant’s work experience. However, this is not enough. To better understand their capabilities, hiring managers can ask React developers to submit a portfolio of the previous projects. Ideally, it should showcase the React developer’s strong sense of design, since they are in charge of front-end development that would help to improve end user experience.

Furthermore, by asking for a work portfolio, hiring managers can then evaluate and see if the React developer’s experience matches what the company currently needs. For instance, if the developer had created an interface for a media website before, but is in the hiring process for a telemedicine company, then their experience may not be in line with the job requirements. It may be helpful for React developers if their portfolio shows a broad range of projects, so they can fully exhibit their expertise.

Mistake #5: Neglecting the importance of feedback

Sometimes, during the recruiting process, hiring managers only outline the job requirements to potential candidates, but fail to consider their prospect’s expectations too. Recruitment is a two-way process, and with the ever-changing recruiting landscape, candidates now have more power to pick and choose who to work for than ever before.

The same way as an organization would like to know if the candidate has the right set of skills, React developers can also take this opportunity to learn more about the potential employer. During the interview, they can ask questions about corporate culture, take on work-life balance, diversity, etc. With the entire recruitment process as a make-or-break experience, it is up to the companies to treat it well to ultimately lure talented React developers.

One quick way to hire dedicated React developers successfully is to strengthen the brand. With so many competitors in the market, companies should exhibit what makes them different. They can focus on their compensation, benefits, etc., to want top React developers to work for them.

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