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Casino, an unstoppable entertainment and fun zone

Everyone gets mesmerized by the famous Las Vegas Strip that is deeply saturated with Casino businesses, be it a glamorous scene in Hollywood flick or a TV show about gambling, fun and entertainment business, the glitter of lights and sound of slots in Casinos has always been a magnet to general public. It is like nobody wants to miss an opportunity to be there just for fun, even if it is for once in a life time. Regardless of the gambling activities in casinos, they exist around the globe from United States to Macau because they bag a substantial amount of revenue to the industry.

Modern casinos are promoted as a fun place where you have a sumptuous arrangement of gambling activities mostly for leisurely entertainment including but not limited to live bands, shows, restaurants, bar etc.

The reason why casinos and equivalent places have survived the test of time is its ability to collect a lot of money off unfortunate people. It might look wrong at first, but you never know your luck. Albeit, who won’t like to try their luck, if not every day, for once in a while. After all, there is a reason why people still buy lottery tickets. Casinos make money because its entertaining and people come from all over the world to visit them. Majority of the players only spend in their respective limits. In a casino people gamble by playing games of chance to exercise their luck. Although it is not purely confined to luck, experience that you gain through game play adds to it.

Different types of groups participate for fun and entertainment, right from happy young groups to the wealthy elites. A modern casino offers variety of casino games including table games, electronic gaming machines and random number games among other leisurely entertainment. Casinos are often venues for live events and shows for artists and groups both big and small.

Let us briefly talk about various categories of casino games.

Tables games, as the name suggests, is the type of game that is played on a table with cards, dices, tiles and random numbers primarily among other things. The games include baccarat, blackjack, flash, poker, red dog, faro, casino war, chuck-a-luck, craps, pai gow, big six wheel, roulette etc. The table games played with cards are operated by a live dealer sometimes more than one in number. With advent of technology and its use in the industry, electronic table games are also being introduced.

Electronic gaming machines, or Video Lottery Machines, or slot machines, also simply known as slots, are one of the most lucrative games for a casino. They basically look like a box with a lever or a button with a minimum of three reels that spins when the lever or button is pushed. It is played by a single person and does not require any involvement by staff of the casino, and hence is cost effective for the casino. Any person who wants to try their luck makes the box to spin the reels and if the reel happens to give you matching symbols or other characters you are rewarded as prescribed by the casino. Nowadays, buttons and levers on slots are totally replaced by touch screen’s graphical inputs and colorful screens offer beautiful vivid graphic designs which emulate the reel and add fantastic effects as it spins with the perfect sound. Being a single player game without any interruption by staff, an individual who usually shy away or don’t like table games in particular, try their luck on slots.

Then there are random number games which use random numbers usually generated by a computer or other electronic hardware, which are used to play a game of chance by multiple players either on a table making it a table game as well or through cards or tickets. The infamous game ‘Bingo’ is one of the most accurate example of a casino game that utilizes random numbers. Bingo is a multi-player casino game where each player exercises their luck against others in the game by matching numbers on their cards to a random string or numbers generated by a computer or similar hardware.

A Mecca bingo hall in Birmingham

I doubt there is any aspect of life that the Internet has not attempted to touch, same is with casinos. Online casinos allow a person to virtually access, fully enjoy and play casino games and do other activities over the Internet. Most online casinos offer a secure website-based access to all the gambling activities and some of them have standalone applications that you can download and use and on your own system to provide you with a complete virtual casino experience, without requiring fast internet, any time and any where. Meanwhile, more and more casino owners are moving to online business to lure in more people by offering them more payout in comparison as online businesses helps them in cutting overall cost of operations.

One of the concerns with online casinos is lack of reliability and verification of gambling activities. In order to keep the randomness alive in virtual casinos and to promote trust among the players, an independent code audit is helpful.

To make it more realistic, live mode is also in vogue these days specifically in table games requiring an active dealer, so a real life dealer does the job and the same is video-streamed to you over the internet and your instructions as a player are conveyed back virtually to a real life dealer. It offers you the good old ways of playing casino games and convenience of playing them from any where using the Internet.

As we’ve already suggested, online casinos can offer a superior experience for some players. It could also offer an opportunity for enforcing local gambling regulations.

Some people believe that online casinos are as good, or even better than, physical casinos. One such service is UK based NetBet made available at, it is an online casino cum game parlor website. It has various dedicated sections to serve you including live casino and Vegas (Yes the Vegas with bright lights!). Moreover, it is fully regulated and licensed by the appropriate authority.

A casino in any form can be entertaining and fun. But excess of anything is bad. Many people are desperate. They think there is such a thing as “luck” and that they can get “lucky” every day every time. This is the core idea that makes this whole business lucrative. So, they bet money hoping to make lots of it. It is very sad and unfortunate that so many people get hooked on it, losing money they might be needing for rather more important and vital things in life.

One thing which is often overlooked is the potential negative effect that any gambling can have on a few individuals and therefore also on society. It is important to keep the desperate and compulsive gamblers from participating. This is a responsibility that casinos embrace because it hurts their public image if they don’t. This is also something that we as individuals can keep in mind if we know someone in this predicament. The bottom line is that for many people, casinos can be lots of fun for many people – whether that is in a physical establishment or online.

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