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Trendy iPhone Cases to Amp Up Your Style

No matter where you go, when you own an iPhone, there are many case choices that you can choose from. With the recent release of the all-new iPhone 11, businesses continue to shell out more styles and designs to make your phone look classy and sleek.

Are you having trouble selecting amongst various cute iPhone cases? Worry not anymore because below are the top iPhone case styles that are in fashion.

Top iPhone Case Styles

Minimalist color

iPhone usually has only limited color choices. Most of the time, iPhone colors range from a solid dark color to a hue of pastel, such as Rose Gold. Because of this, minimalist cases have become one of the most popular choices.

A minimalist case comes in only one solid color. The most sought after are the nudes, the pastels, and ombre. Minimalist cases are prevalent because they are simple yet classy.

Statement cases

Another popular choice, especially for teenagers, is statement cases. These are cute iPhone cases that get embroidered with a unique quote from a pop culture reference. Some statement cases also come in the form of motivational quotes, song lyrics, or even a funny joke.


When it comes to designs, patterns will never go old. The majority of iPhone cases are designed as such because it is simple and quirky. Some depict images of kiss marks, emojis, and food. Patterns are a cute approach to make your phone stand out.

Brand names

A lot of brand names are also used in iPhone cases. These kinds of cases also look very minimalistic because they also come in color, yet a brand name is placed in the middle of the case. Many teenagers like to use brand names as their phone cases to establish their preferences as well as their lifestyle.

Why you should use an iPhone case

Some people don’t like the idea of putting a case on their iPhone because it might feel bulkier. However, there are more pros than cons when you purchase an iPhone case.


Perhaps the essential feature of a phone case is the extra protection it gives to your phone. Sometimes, no matter how watchful a person is, phones can be dropped on the floor. As such, an iPhone case helps cushion the situation by softening the impact.

Avoid scratches

An iPhone case helps to prevent unnecessary and accidental scratches on your phone. This feature is important, especially for those people who like to place their phones and coins in one pocket. Your iPhone will then be at risk of scratches, which is why it is indispensable for an extra cover.

Additional style

An iPhone case is the perfect combination of fashion and protection. All iPhone cases can safely secure your phone from bumps, drops, and scratches without having to compromise style.

As the old saying goes, what you take care of will last a long time. In this day and age, gadgets are getting more and more expensive. An iPhone case then is the perfect accessory for style and protection, which every owner should have.

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