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Addressing The Skepticism Directed Towards E-cig Industries

Smoking has been around for centuries, ever since someone set fire to a plant and decided that it was the best thing. Although smoking is generally looked down upon, more now than ever before, the new industries of vaping and e-cigarettes have been met with scepticism. Other than making smoking accessible to kids, and more prevalent on social media sites, parents especially have been highly disapproving of vaping, especially the flavoured kind.

Now although there are companies who do use flavoured vapes, because of the recent FDA restrictions, the vaping industry had to bear a heavy hit. At its core, vaping is not about making smoking more accessible to children, rather it is to help people who suffer from addiction. It has been proven by study after study that e-cigs helps people quit smoking. Together, let us discuss vaping and support for vaping industries.

Understanding E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are a battery device that looks and feel like regular cigarettes but has a completely different mechanism. They use thin capsules of e-liquid that are heated to produce vapour. The components of e-liquid are pure nicotine and other flavouring substances.

Now, traditional cigarettes have over 7000 different chemicals in them, most of which are toxic, so vaping does expose you to far lesser number of toxins.

However, the flavouring additives and such tend to harm the lungs as well. Not only do they harm the lungs, but they tend to be more addictive. This is why more ethically conscious companies do not use flavouring additives like bubblegum or apple pie.

We use a restricted number of flavours directed to adults, the most popular of which is tobacco flavour. And it works to reduce the incidence of addictive smoking. Here is how.

How e-cigs help quit smoking

One can quit smoking by gradually decreasing the nicotine levels they consume via an e-cig. Varying strengths of nicotine are available in e-liquids. This helps the user gradually decrease their consumption of nicotine.

Trying to quit smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes you take has the disadvantage of taking in the same amount of nicotine into your body every time you smoke.

With e-cigs, you can start off with a high concentration, and smoking a certain number of times a day, and then gradually taper off via the e-liquids concentration levels.

This gradual tapering away helps the body adjust in a healthier way, rather than having to deal with immediate withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

Proof of e-cigs’ efficacy

A Harvard study shows that e-cigarettes were marginally more successful than those who used common nicotine replacements, like gums or patches. Reports of cough and phlegm had reduced drastically for those in the e-cig group.

They say that there are health benefits to a smoker who turns into a long-term vaper instead. And it is true that long term vaping shows higher cessation rates. And this is good because the Harvard study shows that 80% of the people who successfully quit smoking with e-cigs continued vaping.

Why the vape and e-cig industry has been brought under scrutiny

There are many ways people try to rebel against an industry they do not approve of. There are many companies that will try to manipulate the general public for more money. However, the core of vaping is unchanged, it is meant to help people quit smoking, which as has been established before, is far worse for your body than smoking is. Here are a couple of ways people criticise vaping companies.

Companies that sell flavoured e-liquids get the youth hooked onto smoking e-cigs. With flavours like strawberry, apple pie, bubblegum, watermelon, buttered popcorn, vanilla, and many others, find themselves appealing to teenagers.

E-cigs still contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Parents are understandably upset by this. However, ethical companies choose to cater towards one singular purpose, to get heavy smokers to reduce serious health risks by cutting down on tobacco smoking.

The FDA had some issues with the vaping industry. So for a time, vape products were not allowed to use eco-friendly ways of bottling the e-liquid. Also, the number of flavours used had to be decreased. And all the while, each product needed scientific evidence and back up that it was effective and safe in most instances.

However, since 2016, there has been more backing from the FDA for the vape industry. It still restricts flavours because of how it affects the youth, but they can advocate for its use as a smoke addiction relief. Hence it is restricting its availability for minors.

Why you should give the vaping industry a chance

If you are still reading, you may have a family member or a significant other who wants to quit smoking. Perhaps you are looking to see if vaping helps with quitting smoking. The main reason why people are against it is that it makes the youth addicted.

But companies do not sell vapes as a standalone product, rather they sell it as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. With FDA restricting minors from using it, let’s hope people can look at this industry in a better light.

E-cigs are a better alternative to smoking. The reason it gets so much backlash is because of the number of children affected by it. However, for heavy smokers, it is a healthier alternative to smoking.

Signing off

If you wish to give vaping a try, you must make a call, by weighing the benefits against the potential risks. That will help you understand all the associated factors, make a firm decision and then resort to vaping according to your convenience.

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