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Reasons Why Docker is So Popular in the IT World

The IT world has fast realized the benefits of running applications in containers and not virtual machines, and it’s fast becoming a trend. In the middle of the trend is Docker, which is a platform that allows the easy packing, distribution and management of applications in containers. This open-source project automates application development in software containers.

Through containers, developers can package their applications with all the required dependencies like libraries and ship them in a single package. Through doing this, a developer is sure that the application will run on other Linux units regardless of their settings. Companies like ADP, ING, Spotify, and PayPal are already using Docker, why is this?

Improved ROI

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One of the biggest advantages of using Docker for application development is the Return on Investment (ROI). One of the things that companies look into while making management decisions on a new product is its potential ROI. If a solution is capable of driving down costs and lifting profits, the better it is, especially for huge companies that require steady income over the end.

Docker, on one hand, can help you earn these types of savings by reducing the infrastructure resources required by your applications. At the core of Docker, it requires few resources for running the same application. Because of the fewer infrastructural requirements, your organization will be able to save, including on server costs and employees required to support them.

Better Maintainability and Compatibility

Eliminating the “it worked on my machine” issue is one of the biggest benefits of Docker. Parity is something else that everyone on your team will appreciate where your images are the same, no matter the server or laptop they run on. With the help of Docker logging methods and techniques, it means that you developers spend even less time creating environments or even debugging environment-specific problems.

The result is an easy to set up codebase that is also more portable. Parity ensures that the production infrastructure in your organization is even more reliable and easy to maintain.

Fast Deployment

Docker helps by reducing deployment of your application to mere seconds! This is because the technology creates a container for each process, without booting from the OS. In addition, data creation and destroying is easy so you don’t worry about the cost bringing the data up again.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Another great benefit of using Docker is its capability to work with some of the biggest cloud-computing companies in the world, including Google Compute Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Furthermore, you can run Docker containers inside a Rackspace server or VirtualBox as long as the host operating system supports Docker.

In such a case, the container running on VirtualBox can be ported easily for use on an Amazon EC2 instance. Further, Docker works seamlessly with providers such as OpenStack and Microsoft Azure, as well as numerous configuration managers such as Puppet and Chef.


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Another great Docker benefit is security since it ensures that your applications run on containers that are totally isolated and segregated from one another. Doing this offers you complete control of the flow of traffic as well as management.

In fact, no Docker container has the capability to delve into another container. In terms of architectural view, every container features its own resources that range from network to processing stacks.


Docker containers only share the operating system and they run independent of each other. Docker goes further to admit that their containers can run on just about any infrastructure, computer and cloud. The simplicity, flexibility, and portability of Docker are the reasons why it’s earned such a strong momentum.

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