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Apps that will help you keep everything under control

One of the problems we meet once in awhile (or even constantly) is losing control of the situation. When it happens, you feel like you can’t catch up with deadlines, feel powerless and desperate, feel like you can’t complete any task.

If a person enters this state, he or she is in great danger of falling into depression, thus being unable to succeed in achieving any goals, professional or personal. And trust me, I know what it feels like.

Reasons why this happens are countless, but all of them can be named one phrase – not having everything properly organized.

Organization is the key to being able to do more and with shorter consumption of resources. When everything is ordered well you feel like there are 36 hours in a day and feel more satisfaction from life.

Of course, keeping everything under control has never been an easy task, but today we are blessed with smartphones, that make this process much easier.

There are tons and tons of apps that are created to help you with life management.

  • Smartphone Addiction Preventers

It is ironic, but there actually are applications that do not let you use your mobile phone too much. Their functions differ, this one does not only stop you from browsing Facebook too much, it also gives you statistic data about how much time did you spent on your smartphone. Which is great, because you can actually see if you have any progress cutting time you lose using social networks.

There are even apps, that turn you phone off for a period of time you set. And you cannot turn it back on, until the time passes.

Those are helpful not only when it comes to child protection. They allow to organize processes involved in parenting and spend less time and energy on worrying about where your kids are and what they are doing.

When you set up such an app, you can block inappropriate sites or apps, monitor online activities, check location, and use many other features. A lot of software like this is pretty automated, which in its turn helps to save even more time.

  • Email Managers

Fighting SPAM and unwanted letters sometimes seems like an impossible task. More to that, sometimes you can lose something important while deleting tons of messages you don’t want to read.

A good solution is installing software that will do this work for you and leave you only what’s worth your attention. They allow you not only to organize your mailbox, they also give you opportunity to set time, when a particular letter from you should be sent to particular people, etc.

Email is still an important way of business communication, and chances are, it will stay the same for a very long time. It’s about time to learn how to use it properly.

  • Apps that help to control your habits

Any habit is a significant part of a person. Good or bad, it is a part of one’s lifestyle, so it should be paid a great attention to.

Developing good habits may and will increase not only your health, but quality of life in general. It is crucial to understand that. Luckily your smartphone can turn into a great helper in fulfilling this task, or with the opposite, like, for example, quitting smoking.

  • Personal/Family finance apps

Money is something that needs control more than anything else. They appear only with hard work, but disappear faster than we would want to.

Tracking down your expenses and managing budget is unfortunately not something we’re taught at school. And even if it seems like an easy task, it appears not to be. So a little help might be just what a person might need.

Managing personal or family budged is a serious business, so the advice is to take it as seriously as you can to avoid losing control over it.

  • Digital organizers

It is great to have a notebook where you write down your work/day schedule, contacts and so on. Still it may be a good idea to digitalize it. Reasons to do that are countless, and there is no need to name them, after all we are living in digital, not paper, era.

You probably already have such apps on your mobile device and know how convenient it is to have all the important documents scanned, and receive reminders about tasks you need to do.

  • Mindfulness apps

In this crazy and fast-changing world it is easy to become vulnerable to stresses, depressions and nervous breakdowns. The Eastern culture brought a lot to our lives: yoga, meditation, consciousness and the main one is mindfulness. These apps will organize your mind’s focus and help you to concentrate. They inform you when it is time to chill or to “do nothing for five minutes”. These apps help to take the edge off.

  • Personal fitness trainers

Not all of us have on opportunity to visit a gym regularly, but it is bad to miss training. Our bodies should keep the workout rhythm. For those, who have a busy schedule there are apps with different fitness programs, morning training, weight and health trackers and other important features to keep you on track. On the market you can find a wide range of apps from 7-minutes workout to Nike Running Club.

Let your smartphone help you

Having everything under control is crucial for your personal and professional success. And personally I can’t imagine handling it without my mobile phone doing a lot of things for me.

Smartphones are not just means of communication. They give us limitless opportunities to improve our lives, so it is a great idea to learn how to use them with maximum benefits.

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Adam Wakoski is a tech enthusiast helping startups to grow into amazing successful companies. He likes apps and digital tools, being especially partial to educational resources like online editors, dictionaries and other paperwriting stuff.

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