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LetsView — The Powerful Screen Mirroring App

Many screen mirroring apps are available today, offering similar services but differing in various aspects, such as features. LetsView, a widely used screen mirroring app, stands out with exceptional features that set it apart from others. Explore the capabilities of this powerful screen mirroring app, available for use anywhere.

LetsView is a well-known screen mirroring app that offers a powerful screen sharing experience. This versatile application allows you to mirror your mobile phone screen onto larger screens such as your PC and TV. It is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. With LetsView, you can enjoy a full high-definition display on both your mobile device and the mirrored screen. Additionally, the app provides the flexibility to set up customizable hotkeys, enhancing user convenience. Experience seamless screen mirroring across devices with LetsView.


  • It has a user-friendly interface that can be understood by many.
  • Provides a wireless screen sharing process.
  • Maintaining the HD quality of the screen display.
  • It will let you have a dual screen.
  • Offers a free service


  • The mirroring process relies on the strength of your internet connection.


  • Screenshot

During the mirroring activity, you can screenshot on the screen of your PC by clicking the screenshot icon. The captured picture will be saved automatically on your computer.

  • Recording

Once you have already mirrored your devices, you can start recording your activity by clicking the record icon on the options. Just like the screenshot pictures your video will also be saved directly on your computer.

  • Brush

Useful with your presentations, the brush feature will help you highlight or mark up the important words that you need to emphasize on the screen. This will be possible by just clicking the brush icon on the options provided.

With this feature you can have your marker or pen in different colors. Moreover, you’ll find three buttons: Clear, Undo, and Exit. Clear removes all marks, Undo reverses your last action, and Exit takes you back to the mirrored screen. Also, note that the mirrored screen updates automatically when you use the brush feature.

  • Full screen and on top

With the pin icon, you may view your screen display on full screen and always keep it on top.

  • Extend screen

This feature was recently launched and it gives positive feedback with the users. The app will let you not only mirror the screen but also extend another screen where you can do multitasking. Having a dual screen using your mobile phones or ipads will make your work easier.

What makes this feature even more amazing is that you can control your second screen using your fingers. You have the ability to zoom in and out, flip your screen, freely choose your display screen, and use an online keyboard.


You may check the updated pricing plan for this app here.


LetsView stands out as the most powerful screen mirroring app available, offering an unparalleled user experience and a robust set of features. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility across multiple platforms, LetsView simplifies the screen-sharing process. The app’s standout functionalities, including screenshot, recording, and brush features, elevate the overall screen mirroring experience to new heights. The ability to extend the screen and control the second screen with intuitive gestures adds an extra layer of versatility. Whether for personal or professional use, LetsView proves to be the ultimate choice, providing a seamless and feature-rich environment for all screen mirroring needs.

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