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Published on June 23rd, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Wonderful Reminders of Why We Love Our Smartphones

When Martin Cooper, an engineer, quietly stood on a midtown Manhattan sidewalk 45 years ago, he knew he was about to change the world. In the midst of the cacophony of the city, he made the first cell phone call. Today, we are well past the point of being thrilled by the act of placing a mere phone call on the sidewalk of a bustling city. We are now at a point in our history where our mobiles phones are for more than just making calls.  We use them as alarm clocks, radios, entertainment, and so much more.

We not only love all the things that our devices can do but we also have built an industry around keeping our phones safe from accidental damage. If you own an iPhone, it would be considered foolish and irresponsible to not shop around for the best iPhone cases to make sure that your delicate electronic instrument is not damaged by dropping it or spilling stuff on it.

Perhaps, it’s time to take a moment to savor all the wonderful ways we can now use a smartphone:

Make International Calls

If you use social media, then you’ve probably acquired a number of friends from all over the world. In the past, making a long-distance call to someone was an expensive undertaking.

But now with Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, you can communicate over the Internet at no extra charge.  Services like Skype and What’s App make it easy to talk to people all over the world as easily as you would talk to someone in your own city.

Send and Receive Text Messages

Texting makes it easy to communicate without the need to make a call and engage in a conversation.

Getting trapped in polite conversations used to be a big part of our reality when we wanted to communicate a simple message and it used to take time to get back to what we were doing before we placed a call.

Now a quick text is all you need to tell your significant other that you’re going to be home late or to ask your friend if they want to see the latest Superhero movie. It’s also a good way to avoid awkward conversations and still get your message across!

Stay In Touch With Emails

Writing letter used to be something of a literary art.

Historians often gathered insights into the cutting edge ideas of writers, poets, philosophers, scientists, and politicians from the mini-essays that they would write to other leading thinkers.

Besides how long it would take to craft an elegant missive, it would also take a considerable amount of effort by post offices around the world to sort through all the letters and make sure that they are delivered to the right address.

Now, all this has been replaced by emails. Usually, these are short correspondences that get directly to-the-point and can be sent to someone at an astonishing speed.  Now the only long, sometimes elegant, emails you’re likely to get are from marketers trying to win you over.

Capture the Moment with Photos and Video

Photography and video shoots used to be something that required expensive and often bulky cameras. As a result, it was an activity primarily limited to professionals. Now anyone with a smartphone can easily take a picture or a video. Moreover, with social media, it’s easy enough to share your view of the world with the world.

Access the Internet for Instant Research

If you’ve ever been involved in an argument and want to prove your point by referencing an authoritative article or video, then you know how convenient it is to whip out your smartphone and access the information online. It’s also a great way to be an informed shopper–getting the real scoop on product information and the best prices in town.

Play Games

Accessing an app on your phone may be one of the best ways to get instant entertainment when you’re stuck in line at the Post Office or have some time to kill before you have to go back to the office after your lunch break. Moreover, these online games are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  Recently, for instance, Nintendo issued new of coming up with Mario Kart Tour, a new smartphone app.

Listen to Music

With mobile phones, it’s no longer necessary to access a computer or other electronic device to listen to your favorite music. This means that you can listen to your favorite tunes anywhere you happen to be.

Use GPS (Global Positioning Systems)

Trying to figure out how to get somewhere is particularly useful when you’re shopping and you want to know where to go to buy the stuff you need. And, of course, it’s almost impossible to get lost now if you’re visiting a new neighborhood or driving into a new city.

Although we take all these features of a smartphone for granted, it’s always fun to reminisce how difficult things used to be before we had these pocket-sized computers to organize our day.

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