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A Solution Guide to Common Mobile Phone Troubles

Even though in the last few decades technology has advanced in blinding speed, it has not been developed into something absolutely perfect. That means while using devices like mobile phones, more often than not, people face different technical difficulties. While some of these problems will require the attention of the technical professionals of Ask Computers Toronto, you can solve the majority of them without the help of anyone.

The following list of common mobile phone problems and their solution can help in that. Read this guide on to solve the mobile phone related problems without losing your head and putting a dent on your savings.

Slow Phone

It is undoubtedly one of the most common mobile phone issues that generally gets associated with older devices. Saying that, if the RAM of your mobile phone is full of different applications and files that you do not require or use, then even your brand new phone can get slow.

Solution: cleaning your phone of unnecessary applications and information is the best way to solve this problem. If the performance of your phone gets worse after downloading an application, then delete that app first and check whether the performance of your phone gets better.

Bad Battery Life

This is yet another common problem that almost every smartphone user experiences. In most cases, your mobile phone never tends to have enough battery power even though you don’t use the phone that much.

Solution: The first thing you should do is to dim the brightness of your phone. Then turn your Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi off when you are not using them. Enable the battery saver mode and see if it improves the battery life of your phone. Also, check the battery usage setting on your phone to find out which of the applications are draining it. You can disable or close the ones that are draining it if you don’t use those applications regularly. If that does not solve the problem, go to Ask Computers Toronto.

Overheating Phone

This is not a standalone problem. Instead, it is intricately related to the previous one. Even though the phone battery is the reason for most of the overheating problems, it can also be related to the charger of your phone. If you are experiencing the problem of overheating of the phone, then make sure to address it immediately as it can lead to serious problems later on. It can damage the screen and the battery of your phone as well.

Solution: Try the solution of the battery-related problems first to find out if the issue is directly related to your phone battery. Keep your phone away from the direct sunlight and let it refresh for a couple of minutes before using it. Check whether these tricks can solve the problems you are having. If it does not, take it to the nearby repair shop.

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Full Storage Space

Most of us take too many photos, download too many songs on our phone. However, we do not delete any of these photos or songs or other files even if we don’t need them any more. This creates the crunch of storage that so many of us fight every day.

Solution: There is only one solution; clear our all the unnecessary apps and files that you do not need any more. Keep the files that you need in the cloud, or buy a memory card to save valuable information.

App Crashes and Freezes

As we use hundreds of applications each day, facing sudden crashes and freezes have become a common part of our life. There are generally two causes of this problem. The first is that there is some problem with that application. The bug fixes or updates of the apps can fix it easily. The other cause is that your operating system is too old to run the new version of the application and that’s why it keeps on crashing or freezing.

Solution: Instead of going to the technicians of Ask Computers Toronto, you should try to restart your phone. Sometimes, cleaning the cache data also solves the problem pretty easily. If that does not work, go to the setting and stop the application and then start again. If this problem still occurs, uninstall the application and then reinstall it.

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Phone Freezes

Even though this problem is not as common as the previous ones, it does take place. Once it happens, people often restart their phones or simply turn it off and on. When that does not work, removing the battery and putting it back on almost always solves the purpose. However, the new age smartphones do not have these options as the batteries of these phones cannot be removed. What should you do to fight this problem?

Solution: Restarting the phone is the only solution to this problem. However, you should know that the restart method of the phones varies depending on the type of phone you use. Research the restarting methods of your phone, and implement it.

So, these are the solutions to some of the common phone problems. These solutions show you that there is no need to immediately run to the Ask Computers Toronto if your phone starts behaving strangely. However, if these tricks do not help you to solve the problem you are facing, don’t hesitate to get the professional help.

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