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6 Benefits of Astonishing Content For eCommerce

When you were running a brick and mortar shop, it was easy to differentiate yourself from the competition. Where you were located mattered. So did how you designed your store. Equally important was your personality, how well you got along with people, and who else you hired to front your business. Today most of that has gone away. Sure, your website name and layout will make a difference, as will the colors you use, but that isn’t quite the same as creating that personal touch.

And so a lot of businesses struggle to create customer loyalty and create something that creates a unique experience that differs from what everybody else is trying to do.

That’s where content marketing comes in. It allows you to once again create a unique voice for your business. The thing is, you can’t just create any content. Then the best you can really hope for is that your content gets ignored, because the worst is that your content ends up tarnishing your brand. And then you’re even further from home!

So today we’re going to look at 6 benefits of great content.

Astonishing content = an astonishing brand

We’d like to think that as people we measure everything on multiple dimensions, which we all keep separated in different categories and which change independently. We don’t. Instead, everything gets heaped into one category of good and bad, with a shift in one area (e.g. how good the content is you’re producing) influencing how everything else is perceived (e.g. the quality of your brand).

This is called the Halo effect and it is one of the reasons why it’s alright if your content marketing costs you money, as it allows everything else you to put your brand in a better light.

Video content is one of the most astonishing types of content you can use on your site. It is suitable for demonstrating the capabilities of the product, increasing loyalty, improving the attitude towards the brand, viral marketing. For newbies who create their first e-commerce sites and use free WordPress templates it is important to save costs on hosting. So videos which are uploaded on sites should have minimal size. There are few tools that compress the file size without significant quality loss. One of them is Freemake Video Converter which has such options as “limit output size” and “encode video to my site”. If you choose the latter option, after conversion a page with instructions and code for your site will be opened so you don’t have to be an experienced web master to embed a video on your site. We recommend FLV format for your videos. For more information on how to convert MP4 or other video format to FLV please read this guide (videos are available as well):

Organic searches

Astonishing content has a further advantage and that is that it will attract organic backlinks. After all, if your content is of really high quality, then when people are writing articles related to your content, they’ll use that as an example, or a reference, to support their argument.

All that means your SEO will naturally improve, which is an incredibly useful way for you to bring visitors to your site, without you having to pay a cent for them. If you really manage to place yourself well and have the right keywords then this can mount up to thousands of extra visitors. A large number of who will be interested in buying your product.

It lasts

The problem with most marketing campaigns is that once they’re over they’re done. They are no longer bringing in new people, they are no longer influencing new customers to buy and they are very quickly fading from people’s memories.

Astonishing content does not have that problem. Instead, it can have serious legs, with the content still influencing opinions and drawing in customers months after it has finished. In other words, astonishing content has legs.

It can point at other astonishing content

With links and connections you can create a network of one piece of content pointing at another piece of content, thereby keeping the great content you’ve created previously in the loop and relevant.

The great thing about this is that each piece of content can deal with a specific counter argument, so that eventually you’ll be able to deal with all the people’s problems and arguments, leaving them convinced and you a customer richer.

You can position yourself as an authority

If your content makes good arguments and deals with vital aspects of the business you’re in, then you can become the authority that people turn to, to find out what is what. And once you’re in that position you’re set for several reasons. You can also opt in for an ecommerce dropshipping course like eCom Elites for further expertise on the subject. Read the eCom Elites review here.

First of all, your brand will become associated with expertise and might in fact become synonymous with your product, like for example pampers, of Band-Aids. Secondly, you are in a position to direct the conversation within the industry, which will be immensely beneficial to your industry.

Influence the influencers

Influencers are the people who have a large number of followers, who people follow and listen to. These might be famous people, or they might be well known within their specific niche.

If you can get the ear of these people and they become proponents of your brand, then that will steer a lot of traffic towards your site – all people who are now positively disposed towards your brand as a result of what the influencers has to say.

And how do you attract influencers? That’s right, by telling them things that are interesting, new and exciting. In other words, by giving them astonishing content that they’ve just go to share with their network.

Last words

Again, average content won’t do. The internet is full of average content and if you’re adding to that your website won’t attract anybody’s attention. This is particularly true of heavyweights, like influencers, as they’re the most on the ball people out there. You know that cut above the rest? You need it to be a cut above that.

And so, take the time to create really high-quality content. Get your entire business involved and be sure to actually somebody who really knows how to write to write it up, because poor writing is a cage that keeps great ideas imprisoned and hidden away.

There are great tools that can help you with writing better content.

  • The Hemmingway Editor, for example, will help you find out if your writing is clear or not and will tell you when you’ve got run on sentences.
  • Not that good with the written word? Check out the top sites for writing services, where you can compare different writing sites to find out which one will best be able to help you create the content you need.
  • And once you’ve got a text, make sure you check out if it’s readable so that your audience can understand what you’ve written.

Awesome texts do not write themselves. They require hard work and often help as well. So make certain you put in the time and the effort you need. In the end, you will be rewarded with content that stays useful and relevant and can represent your brand for months, if not years to come.


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Steven Mehler is an experienced writer, SEO specialist and social psychologist that works as an editor at a local newspaper and a freelance writer. Steven also runs his own content agency and is writing a book. He has a long-term experience in writing articles based on blogging, marketing, SEO and social psychology.

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