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Teched Out House [Infographic]

Technology is making huge strides in our modern world. Both commerce and our homes are being filled with ways to make our lives safer, easier and more planet friendly. This infographic takes a look at some of the ways these new technological advances will help in our daily lives.

Productivity appears to be the top priority for many of the innovations, allowing us to complete everyday tasks with less hassle, for example they are giving us the ability to remain in our chairs with a remote control that can turn things on or off, along with an abundance of apps that enable us to turn the heating on or pre-heat the oven before we get home.

Security is among the top technological advancements, with walls, floors and ceilings tracking movements and detecting when things aren’t as they should be. While self-cleaning fridges and automatic door handle sterilising is aimed at making our homes healthier places to live.

And of course there are the latest eco-friendly technology that is helping to keep our planet healthy, by reducing energy consumption and recycling our unwanted items into something new.

All of these points are included within the infographic in more detail as we take a look at what teched houses of the future may be like.

Credits: The Rug Seller

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