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Hire Swift Developers With Turing – A Complete Guide

Hiring talented software developers is not an easy task. You need to ensure that you are recruiting a reliable developer who can meet deadlines and deliver a high-quality product. This may seem daunting at first, but the process becomes a lot easier with an effective action plan. This article will guide you through the process of hiring Swift developers who can offer Swift app development services for your upcoming or existing projects. But first, let’s understand what Swift is.

What is Swift?

Swift is a compiled programming language designed by Apple for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It was created in 2014 and became the dominant language for developing iOS applications. Since Swift is an open-source language, it is backed up by a large community of developers and supports an abundance of third-party tools. 

Another added advantage of Swift is that it is fast and safe. Its syntax encourages developers to write clean and readable code to prevent any errors. Its simple syntax makes this programming language as expressive and enjoyable as a scripting language.

Who is a Swift Developer?

Swift developers are responsible for developing and maintaining applications for platforms like iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This may include Swift game development, app development, or web development.

Swift is a versatile programming language that is used for both front-end and back-end development. It is easy to build an application that runs on the client-side and the server-side using Swift. There are also remarkable pre-existing Swift front end frameworks that help tremendously during the development process.

List of Companies that Uses Swift For Development

  • Apple
  • Uber
  • Slack
  • Lyft
  • N26
  • 9GAG
  • Asana
  • Robinhood
  • Square

Before You Hire Swift Developers

Before starting your hiring process, it is necessary to learn about your project thoroughly. This is the only way you can make sound decisions while onboarding a new member to your team.

Few tips that might help- 

  • Scope of Your Project – 

Only when you completely understand the objective or scope of your project, will you know what problems the developer needs to resolve. This approach helps you hire Swift developers who are the right fit for your team.

  • Set Your Goals – 

A defined set of goals for every phase of your software development process can scale productivity and help you move in the right direction.

  • Learn About the Functionalities – 

Always create a list of features that you want to keep in your application. This not only helps you but will help the Swift developers understand the objective of your project in a better way.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Swift Developer

When you hire Swift developers, you must understand what their roles and responsibilities are. People often do not realize that a Swift developer’s responsibilities are not restricted to coding. In fact, they are required to participate in every stage of the development process, from planning to designing and development to deployment. They are also responsible for the application’s maintenance.

Junior, Middle, and Senior Swift Developers

Work experience is an essential factor when hiring software developers. Valuable experience in the field ensures that they are skilled and qualified to help you with the development process and bring success to the project. Every developer is categorized into three levels – 

  • Junior – This is an entry-level position for Swift developers. They work with senior developers and learn the nuances of development to gain knowledge and skills.
  • Middle – After a junior developer has worked on many big and complex projects, they need to move to the next level. The salary improves, and they get more freedom while working on projects.
  • Senior – Senior Swift developers participate in every aspect of development and related processes, from planning to designing, coding to testing, checking security, API integration, and others.

Before you hire Swift developers, you need to know what experience and skillsets your project needs. Another critical component that you should consider is budgeting. The salaries for the three levels vary dramatically, and that can affect your recruiting process. You should also consider the complexity of your project. A junior or entry-level developer won’t be able to handle big and complex projects. In that case, you should look for middle or senior-level developers.

As every project requires a specific set of skills, you should also pay attention to technical skills. 

What to Look For in Swift Developers?

Since Swift is the programming language that revolves around iOS development, these are the following skills that every Swift developer should have – 

  • Proficiency in Swift
  • Familiarity with Objective C for supporting older software development 
  • Well-versed with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), SOLID principles
  • Strong understanding of iOS SDK, UIKit, CoreData, Apple Purchasing, and APNS
  • Experience with GIT version control system

How to Hire Swift Developers With Turing?

If you are searching for high-quality Swift developers, has got you covered. Turing is an AI-powered platform that offers you highly qualified Silicon Valley-caliber remote developers. The company ensures that you get the top 1% of 1 Million+ software engineers. That is why developers are required to go through 5+ hours of the rigorous vetting process, which comprises-

  1. Tech stack tests (100+ skills, data structures, algorithms, systems design, software specializations & frameworks)
  2. Seniority assessment
  3. Live coding challenge

However, Turing company does not offer freelance Swift developers. Their primary focus is to provide full-time, long-term opportunities to remote software developers.


With iOS being one of the dominant mobile operating systems, Swift developers are in high demand, especially in the United States. Even so, hiring Swift developers who can build a performant application can be a bit of a challenge. However, a strategic action plan and an expert Swift developer can help you in the long run. Go through the checklist provided in the article to overcome any hurdles in your way to hiring Swift developers.

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