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Mobile App Development: Voice to Text Apps holds the future!

Mobile app development is necessary for the advancement in technology. It helps mankind achieve perfection in businesses. We can be a part of any industry to explore the definitive benefits of mobile apps. To make mobile app programming fall in line with the latest trends, add the voice feature to it. Not only it can ace the SERPs but the likelihood of becoming the next public favorite is far greater. With the help of the right mobile app development company, we may take businesses to a superior level.

Needless to say, the busy lives demand more and more automation. Hence, the apps that provide such kind of freedom are getting attention. If you are a mobile app design company that is eyeing for success, now is the time to experiment with the voice to text apps.

There are lists of mobile app development software available on the web to make a vivacious entry into the world of apps. Although some of them are pretty good without a doubt, there needs to be a clear approach to picking the right one. The software that falls on a proven checklist criterion would be best suitable to adopt.

Voice Recognition Veneers Mobile App Development in 2018

If you think mobile app development has seen its climax, think again, because voice recognition apps are the beginning. It saw a growing trend in 2017 and undergoes the same upward graph in 2018 as well. It goes to show the significance of voice in the upcoming applications. If you are an app developer company, incorporating voice in apps brings in more visitors and aids in search engine optimization (SEO).

Every day we hear more about optimizing current web and mobile applications for voice. It is a golden opportunity for digital marketing services to add to their clientele by exploiting voice feature to their benefit. Online marketers and app store optimizers (ASOs) should capitalize on this phenomenon to ace the SERPs.

We know that Google gives weight to web pages optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But, with the popularity of voice recognition, the apps should master the speaking process. When someone gives a voice command instead of typing in the search box, the app should display the required results.

It is something new and in a state of exploration when we talk about ranking based on voice searches. Yet, if the app jumps up the search results when the search engine receives a voice query, it will experience higher traffic. At the end of the day, the primary goal of a business is to get frequent sales and an increased ROI.

Speech Recognition Apps Empowering Lives

We don’t need to go far when we hear the word, voice conversions. The voice-enabled apps convert the data signals into text before the query actually executes and brings about results. Apps like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Now are living examples of excellence in this regard.

Cortana is for Windows-based systems, Siri is for iOS mobile devices while Google Now is for Android devices.

Talking a bit more about Alexa, Amazon took a serious leap into the future by developing it. Looking at it, we discover the true power of speech recognition. Alexa uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to understand voice commands. It turns our lives around for the better. We can order a pizza, switch the air conditioner on or call dad by using the power of raw speech. In a way, we all become the best typewriters with the introduction of voice technology.

It is indecipherable, the rate at which the new gadgets are replacing the older ones. But, all this new mojo is improving the general living experience. To keep benefiting from them, we must stay away from their wrong use and not tarnish the role of technology.

According to a recent finding, 40% of the grownups use voice commands at least once a day. As a natural trait, speech is the foremost aspect of mankind with text coming later. But, technologically speaking, we realized texting first and speech later. With the advent of Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Siri, Cortana, and others, it is no less than revolutionary to talk to machines.

A Step into the Future

A tip for the digital marketing staff is to optimize apps and content for long-tails instead of short keywords for voice optimization. If they want to ace the voice results, the apps should have an answer to all the typical voice related queries. All start with a why, how, what, where and when. For instance, ‘how far is the gas station?’

Google has become smart and continues to grow out as a clever search engine. It immediately rejects shady content, clickbait or articles bombarded with keywords. That’s right! To fool Google is not an option anymore. By equipping apps with the voice function, it adds to their diversity and versatility. Generally, voice search sits at the heart of the app development tools in 2018.

Speech Makes Us Human

Our lives have become centralized around computers as we use them in almost every walk of life. Though, as humans, we are not programmed to sit and type. Talking plays a major role in keeping us fit and healthy. To stay sharp and productive, we should use the voice recognition software at some point and let the magic of speech-to-text do the rest.

Taking a look at some of the direct advantages of voice to text apps!

1. Increased Speed

It increases the speed of narrating a document 4 times. If we usually type 40 words per minute, we can write up to 160 words per minute by talking. That is a major difference and can hasten the task at hand. You get so much time to proofread and scan the document before finally submitting it.

2. Heightened Mobility

With the voice to text apps, saving time is only the beginning. When your hands are free from the keyboard duty, you can make them useful for so many other things. You can walk around the room, lift weights, cook your favorite recipe, or play with your pet.

3. Voice Data and Accuracy Go Hand-in-Hand

One of the perks of speaking is the accuracy of the text. When you speak, you tend to make less spelling mistakes, thus, leading to a more accurate document. A normal typist makes 8 errors every 100 words. By avoiding them, you get more time to focus on the job at hand.


If you’re looking for an alternate route and avoid this voice hype, don’t! It is very much here and the faster we get on with it, the better! Mobile app development companies must incorporate voice feature into the apps to stay at par with technology.

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