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Productivity and Economy with Online Meetings

Meetings are part of the routine of any business, and it depends very much on communication with customers, co-workers, parties involved in the negotiation processes, and others. However, a full routine of meetings can be unproductive, as business people spend much time in traffic, airport lounges and other alike places.

With all the technological advancements we experience today, there are several solutions for business meetings online, which are getting increasingly elaborate. For example, virtual meetings make use of video and audio resources and enable the participation of several participants, simultaneously, from the interface provided by the chosen communications provider.

To use them, in addition of having to subscribe a service or tool like ClickMeeting, companies just need an internet connection and basic multimedia equipment, such as camera, microphone and headphone or speakers on a computer, tablet or other compatible device.

The main advantage of online meetings is, with no doubt, the ability to transcend geographical limitations, making the conference available to all parties at any time, regardless of their location. It also allows to involve, in a virtual manner, all the materials that would be used in person. For example, the meeting leader can send the agenda in advance via e-mail, and also view files and share important screens during the conversation.

Online meetings can be held anywhere, even in the comfort of home. This means that, for example, no one needs to go to the company to meet the employees or to the customer to present a case in person. In many cases, the meeting may be made only by sharing screens with procedural information without the need to view the other parties involved.

In addition, online meetings are a very affordable alternative, especially for businesses and companies serving clients from other cities, states and even countries, as anything can be presented and discussed without much additional costs, like printing. Even if the customer is in the same neighborhood, the company would need to spend some money to get to him, which does not happen in the case of online conferences. Beyond this type of costs, easier to estimate, there is also the time being spared by professionals, which can now be saved.

In conclusion, online meeting are a much more effective way to contact other people, not only increasing productivity by spending less time commuting but also saving money as well.

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