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How to Adapt to 5G and Let Go of Fear

Human evolution

With humanity’s constant evolution, the advancement of technology, and new inventions, we are exposed to experiments. When a new invention becomes publicly aware, and we are able to test it, we are skeptical. We collect information, talk to people about it, and eventually decide next to it or against it by following our judgment and inner voice, or seeing others try them first, and join them later.

Many new promising products that appear on the market enjoy a very high public interest, research shows it can be as high as 80% contribution from buyers and testers within the first two years of market presence. Then interest can quickly fade…

How about inventions meant to enhance human development on a global scale, but concerns every one of us? There have been a lot of controversies about such advancements, like the vaccine, or 5G. And, of course, many opposers, feeling like losing their human freedom under the pressure of obligation. So now that 5G is among us, what can we do about it?

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The Predecessors of 5G

Skeptics are right in that 5G largely differs from its predecessors 4G, and 3G. While 3G enabled us to use mobile internet, and 4G added mobile broadband to the comfort of our lives, 5G is set to accelerate the speed of the internet by at least 10 times, while reducing data response time significantly. What’s more, 5G is also meant to revolutionize entire industries, including healthcare, transportation, and the entertainment industry.

Due to the new types of risks of the 5G network, and with the start of the pandemic situation, the European Commission published a package of proposals in January 2020, asking the member states’ approval, which was delayed until summer due to the coronavirus. These countries had to decide how much they approve and integrate into their legislation.

Politics, natural calamities, and economic crises

Safety and political concerns both arose in Europe and the US. Worries about espionage and leaking of sensitive information surfaced, leading to serious political and business decisions concerning the key market players in 5G’s expansion. In addition to technology-based espionage, surveillance, and eavesdropping, we have to count on more problems as a consequence of 5G.

Meteorologists, for example, are not a fan of it. Experts from the U.S. Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), for example, argued that the technology would back down weather forecasts in the United States until 1980. The agency justified that the 24 GHz frequency used by 5G networks just coincides with the 23.8 GHz signal emitted by atmospheric water spray, which is sensed by meteorological satellites and serves as a basis for predictions.

The months-long debate ended at the end of November 2020 at the World Radio communication Conference in Egypt with a decision by the United Nations Telecommunications Authority (ITU). Delegates agreed on an international standard that would allow the emission of radio signals to -33 decibels watts (dBW), while the World Meteorological Association (WMO) tried to fight the -42 dBW limit. According to a study by NASA and NOAA, -52.4 dBW would be the limit below which 5G signals would no longer interfere with meteorological forecasts.

Automation is another issue, as complex infrastructures such as those required by robotic warehouses or self-guided transport assume a super-fast and hassle-free wireless connection. This could speed up a long-heralded process: machines can take away people’s work.

Jobs lost due to a high degree of automation may, over time, lead to a level of unemployment that is unlikely to be controlled without government intervention. Solutions for basic income and mass retraining for new jobs need to be worked out before this socio-economic change occurs!

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5G as a reset button

As adults, we can constantly shape ourselves, whereas only we can shape and fill up our children. Each of us comes with a family pattern, it is ingrained in our genetics. And the only way you can only rewrite this pattern is if you change it. We can change by assessing what we need to transform in ourselves and free ourselves from the things that don’t serve us anymore.

5G is like a reset button. It deletes everything that does not serve us.

When you are consciously aware of the things that you have to let go of from your understanding, you can get rid of those things by yourself. This is consciousness, your conscious progress. You can see your shortcomings, you press the reset button, and replace it with something else that serves you. 5G is just the reset button… It does not add new information to you but rewrites everything you haven’t accepted in yourself.

To reprogram our minds to their best capacities, we need people in power who don’t take advantage of us, but who add to us and help us advance. With small brain capacities, people follow in the footsteps of others; with larger capacities, we can create more of our own thing. You can buy a protective device to protect you from the excessive radiation of 5G, just like you could buy such a device to shield you from 4G, for plenty of money.

Of course, some of us can afford it, while others protect themselves differently. There are several techniques to protect yourself from this radiation if you are willing to work on yourself.

You can learn to protect yourself and to turn 5G to your advantage. Many of us who are wanting to develop, and contribute to a better society, have already been given certain protection against 5G. People who, out of bad intentions, destroy our planet, aren’t given such protection.

They will use their money as a tool to buy such protection.

We have this kind of duality in our world as of today, as we are still learning to differentiate the good things, by understanding bad stuff. We cannot turn our two-pole dual world into a single pole one, but we can strive to change in a positive direction. Therefore, the only tool of mankind today is the same story as it was in Noah’s time: If you are good, you shall come with us forward. and come with us. 5G has no negative effect over a certain vibration; you can even get information through it faster. Don’t be afraid; be good, constructive, and creative instead.

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What’s the real message of 5G?

To do more to adjust, and accept evolution. The amazing thing about this is that we tremendously grow in each phase. At the beginning of time, our bodies changed a lot, adjusted our way of thinking. Just picture our ancestors and see the difference. Then our consciousness caught up, and with more knowledge, our brain developed. So what’s next, you might ask?

Our emotions. 5G is already affecting and will affect the way we feel even more.

Emotions, once you’ve worked on them, won’t show up as a burden. But if you haven’t yet worked on your feelings much, chances are you are going to feel a lot of emotional pain, overwhelm, and anxiety. All of us must go through this; many of you perhaps deal with it now, as I am writing! If we give, receive, and most importantly allow joyful and loving thoughts and feelings, after such intense negative emotions, then we can step up to the next level, and tackle life’s challenges.

When we take care of our mind, body, soul, and society, with a willingness to contribute to the collective growth and do anything to solve our relationship issues, then we are ready for 5G. These are the worst negative impacts of 5G, and the best could be peace. Don’t let your fear magnify only the negative aspects of new technology or anything else, and don’t believe that authorities in power or outside forces want to strike upon us.

Think of homo sapiens, and realize that back then that’s how humans looked. We are here to evolve, to put aside our fears and only keep a little of it which is needed to go get things in life.

Losing faith, criticism, over worry, and judgment is never the goal, but it is always development!

You should be working on your emotions too, and catching up with the new world order!

This is not some conspiracy mask, but a new step in our development that we have all wanted on a collective level. And don’t forget that we can only move forward together. Together, starting with consciously taking care of our families, relationships, business dealings, societies, countries, the planet, and the entire universe.

Whoever refuses to move forward, will always fall out of the game of the actual times. I wish you to play smartly, enjoy being on Earth and find an occupation that makes you feel good, and contribute to society, to show direction to others who may need it. Enjoy the privilege of being human, take care of our planet, and do not be afraid of what it will give us. The better we understand our bodies and souls, the more we will get what we need.

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