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What Are The Print Grocery Coupons?

Who hasn’t seen the show Extreme Couponing and been in awe of how much those people save. How many times has your jaw dropped when they walk out of there with multiple cart-loads that they paid next to nothing for? Our favorite, though, is when the store ends up giving them money.

It’s a fun show to watch, but it’s a step too far for most of us. We have nothing against using coupons, but to spend hours a day finding the best coupons, and then spending more time looking for all the items is too much work.

Sure, it would be nice to save money on our groceries, but not all of us want to stockpile enough toothpaste to last us for the rest of our lives.

Why Not Print Grocery Coupons on a Smaller Scale?

If qualifying for the show Extreme Couponing is something that leaves you feeling overwhelmed you don’t have to take it that far. There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to download and print grocery coupons. You can print out the coupons that you need, and leave the rest.

That way, you get to enjoy some of the same benefits that those who have binders of coupons do, without needing to spend the time putting together the binders. You have to hand it to those people – they are exceptionally well organized. They know exactly what coupons they have, and have come up with innovative ways of organizing them. Most of them will tell you, though, that it takes a lot of work to be able to get the very best deals.

For our money, we think it should become something of an Olympic sport. Before you hoot at that idea, hear us out. These extremists spend hours a day finding the best deals, getting together as many coupons as they can, and then organizing all their coupons.

They then have to go into the store, load up all the goodies and present themselves at the cashier. Now, naturally, we do empathize with the cashier—that’s one of the reasons that you’ll never see any of us appear on Extreme Couponing.

Back to our extremists. They then need to stand there and ensure that everyone coupon goes through and that they get the discounts that they are entitled to. Heaven help the cashier that makes a mistake – they’ll have to start all over again.

So, sure, give those guys their due. They’ve turned their obsession into a valid way to save money. For the really good ones, it pays them to stay at home to pursue this hobby. Many of them do this not only for the thrill of getting stuff for free, but also to help others. A lot of extreme couponers donate the goods to charity or their church.

It’s Thrilling to Save Money

We can understand why they find it so much fun. We’d also be stoked to get a cart-load of goods for next to nothing. Does everyone have the determination and time to play in the big leagues of couponing? Probably not, but everyone can feel the thrill of saving by using some coupons.

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