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10 Ways to Save More Cash While Online Shopping

The trend of shopping things online has gained popularity in recent years. There are many benefits of Online shopping that outweigh the benefits of an offline store. It saves time and efforts by delivering everything right at your doorstep. Moreover, there are many ways through which you can save some extra cash on online purchase, let’s have a look at them.

1. Cashback

Always make the cashback your first priority, there are many websites that have their tie-up with many banks to provide cashback to their customers. See which bank’s credit or debit card will give you the maximum cashback and use that card for billing. Sometimes you also get cashback when you pay through e-wallets, so while shopping look if there are some cashback offers on e-wallet payment. You can look for Paytm Coupons from FreeKaaMaal to get offers on e-wallet.

2. The Festival offers

If you are planning to make any major purchases kitchen appliance like TV, DSLR, furniture, mobile, etc. wait for a good festive offer, as many online retailers provide huge discount during this time. This way you will save more money on the same product.

3. Use Social Networking

There are many brands that have their presence on the social media platform. It helps them stay directly in touch with the customers and improve customer engagement.  They announce their sale first on social media so, stay connected to their pages and be the first one to know about a great offer.

4. Coupons

Coupons are the best way to get extra discount on your purchase. There are many websites that are offering exciting deals and coupons across various categories. You can look for coupons there.

5. Shop on the Right Day

Instead of doing frequent shopping you can choose to wait and keep making a list of orders you want to buy and shop when you are getting maximum discount on your purchase. Suppose you are getting 10% off on your purchase when you shop for 1000 Rs. you will get 100 off and when you shop in abundance for Rs. 5000 you get 500 Rs. off.

6. Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison sites are extremely useful when shopping for a product. With their use, you can find the best price of the same products across many websites and hence buy from the site that is giving you the product at the least price.

7. Leave Product in the Cart

When you leave your products in the cart for 2 to 3 it saves you from impulsive buying by giving to time to think whether you actually want some products or not. The seller also doesn’t like an unclosed deal so it is a chance that you will get some kind of discount by stepping away.

8. Decide a Limit

Just like a normal retail outlet before shopping online you can make a list of items that you want to set a budget. Try not to go over the set budget, this will stop you from buying unnecessary things.

9. Look for substitutes

There are many items on our wish list that we delay buying because of the money constraint. In such a case look for a substitute item of that product which costs less and give similar results.

10. Emails

If you have a favourite online retailer than do sign up for their newsletters and promotional emails, with this you will directly receive a mail regarding a hot offer, flash sale, coupon, or end of season sale.

Now you can go ahead and shop for your favourite products at a price lesser than what you used to pay before.

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