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Things to avoid while running network cable

Network cabling can be really fussy thing to do. Earlier people used to get involved in this task because of their responsibility and without having enough knowledge of the whole process.


There are different sorts of networking, cabling, wherein some of them leaves a scope of errors while some of them don’t. However to make sure that no errors are committed during network cabling following things should be avoided.

  • Not planning for the future

Suppose you are moving on to a new place and location, then it is important to inquire about the requirements of the new location. Never ever try doing stuff as per the old requirements, new place and new time will have new network cabling requirements, and it is important to meet the upcoming new needs.

The high end cables should be opted for at the time of installation instead of choosing the low end or traditional network cables. It is not important to opt for the most expensive one, but it is also not a good idea to choose things which are cheaper and less durable.

  • Cables for voice and data

Are you using the same wire for voice and data? If yes, then you need to put a check on yourself. Twisted pair cables can be an expensive affair, it is hence important to use and install different cables according to the needs. Voice is a less tricky service and hence here a single pair of wire will suffice the purpose, whereas in case of data bulk cables are required to ensure smooth flow of data.

The installation of cables can be a costly affair, but most of the cost is because of labor. Never assume or opt using traditional methods of cabling instead opt for new and modern techniques which have improvised the ways of cabling and also keeps the equipment stay for long. Network cabling Melbourne services can be hired to get hold of the best network cables available in town.

  • Avoiding Cable Management

Cable management is considered as a good option, but it also adds an extra cost. On the contrary, it also has a set of advantages which are worth considering, it helps in keeping the activity ongoing making the whole task a lot easier than ever before. Don’t ever think that only cabling is required at initial step, it will be added as things change and this is a must thing to do if you want to keep the cables managed and sorted.

  • Parallel cable with electric cables

The magnetic field of a low voltage cable is a critical thing to consider. While you are running the unprotected cables, parallel to the electric cables, the magnetic fields might get disrupted causing disturbances in communication leading to noises. There are chances that transmission rate will become slow or communication between the cables will not happen.

  • Running and installing cables near noisy devices

Not only electric cable wires introduce noise, there are some other things too, which can become a reason for it. The lights and motors can also become a reason for the noise and cause interference during the transmission. Ask an important question to yourself “Have proper cabling being done?” The simple solution to this is, get involved in proper planning and develop a data cable pathway which shall help in avoiding different kinds of haphazard.

  • Not considering the distance limitations

While you are running the cables, don’t forget to keep in mind the distance which cable has to cover. Every cable has their own set of distance limitations which is one of the critical things and cause disruption in the whole process.

  • Avoiding following codes and ordinances

It is really important to follow codes during installation, as missing them can lead to risky situations which can cause harm to humans and property. If you miss to follow codes in case of low voltage cabling, then it poses risks and one might have to replace their cables.

So before you begin with your work, make sure to get in touch with contractors who have complete knowledge about cabling and can help you get through the installation systematically.

So before you begin with network cabling, ask yourself if you are avoiding the above common mistakes? Avoiding these common mistakes are really helpful in doing and completing the proper installation of cables. The assistance of Network cabling Melbourne can also ensure that the task of cabling is completed successfully and on time.

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