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The Time Is Running Out! 10 Most Changes Required to Your Incredible Ecommerce Store Design

Is your ecommerce store working yet? Are you getting the eyeballs to your product pages and converting them into sales? There are countless ways to transform your ecommerce store into a sales magnet.


Some people plunge fully into building an incredible ecommerce store work while others make half-hearted attempts that yield very little results.

Some of the most recommended techniques include adding the buy buttons and other conspicuous calls to action, incorporating security features, good landing page optimization etc. You also need to have an eCommerce online product design tool that you can leverage for success.


Implementing good conversion optimization strategies can often lead to great ROI in terms of drastic improvement in the conversion rates. In ecommerce, a 1% improvement in the conversion rate can have a significant impact in your revenue base. When doing ecommerce store optimization, it is important to have an integrated approach to increasing your conversions. Implement multiple good strategies that will drive you towards your goals.

If you want to build a high-impact incredible ecommerce store that will drive the conversions and increase your revenue base, here are some 5 useful changes that you can begin incorporating in your store:

Selection of Ecommerce Store Themes with Large Font Style

As there is business about online sales so there is required to create or select unique, accurate and attractive themes which looks beautiful and helps to increase repetitive customers. Basically, any e-store theme should be user friendly to fulfil many features, able to change the look easily at any time and at last online theme should be easy to use by both as online store owner as well as customers also.

In Ecommerce store there are number of products included in multiple categories as well as sub categories. So, instead of make complicated of store it should be flexible and up-to-date day by day with latest products and offers.

Now-a-days, in online store there is trend of large format themes, buttons, fonts, images, offer code and so on. Button just like “Buy Now”, “Get Offer” and “Shop Online” should be eye-catchy to aware to the customers about call to action to grab the benefits.

Add a Prominent Unique Value Proposition

Do not underestimate the impact of your unique selling point. Drumming that message will have a positive psychological effect on the end user if it is a positive message that resonates with the customer. Do not assume that your buyers will intuitively understand what your product is about along with its unique differentiating feature. Some customers are just arriving at your website for the first time and seeing your product for the first time.

You must be able to sell to them in a matter of seconds through a unique and prominent value proposition. If your USP is not clear-cut, you are going to experience a higher bounce rate which means that somewhere in your marketing, you will be pouring lots of money down the drain. The USP must be emphasized on the home page a prominent position. It should be above the fold and it is advisable a few brief bullet points explaining further the clear advantages of the product. In your unique selling proposition, do not forget to put information that can add to your credibility such as media mentions and awards etc.

Payment Gateway

In online store there is no matter about beautiful designs, attractive themes, user-friendly navigation and mobile friendly store when it comes matter about payment gateway. As all transaction ends with payment gateway which should be powerful and in manner of high authentication security.


Additionally, a powerful payment gateway is an e-store service which allows by merchants to accept credit card, debit card or other Internet transactions done by website. As online store owner You should keep in mind that if payment gateway is lack of facilities or functionalities then chances has been increased to loss the customers as order and trust. Also there is possibility that your return customer ratio will be reduced. Here, I have referred top 5 payment gateways among of it you can select multiple options to end your transaction with safe & secured.

  1. Authorize.Net
  2. PayPal
  5. PaySimple

Add a Personality through a Creative Copy

This is important for your about us page. Most retailers are used to the bland and generic messaging in the “About Us”. Most visitors expect that and they avoid reading it altogether expecting an uninspiring and boring read. Why not spice things a little bit and get the user engaged in the “story” behind your product which allows them to connect with your brand and drive them to possibly make a purchase. When writing your website copies, you must aim at captivating your reader rather than just adding a bland optimized copy for Google rankings.

Instead of just adding the routine information about your business, you can use it captivate your visitors with the hope of converting them into buyers. A much better use for it is in bringing out the personality of your business and employing the power of storytelling with devastating effect. Consumers like buying from businesses that have some personality and a great story to tell. It is particular important to incorporate a story which tells how the business was started and also bring out the reasons why you are passionate about that particular business.

Be ready to integrate e-Commerce Store with Latest Technology

In the market we can see that there are numerous online stores available in various categories. So, there is a question that how your online store looks different among of it and more & more customers become habitual with your online store.

For that as proactive Store-Owner or Entrepreneur you have to apply creative idea by providing different discounted offer, coupon codes and promotional offers.


Also on store you can provide extra facilities by configuring extensions or add-ons to customize of products such as T-shirt Design, Mug Design, Bag Design, Shoe Design, Greeting Card Design, iPhone Case Cover Design, Laptop Skin Design and many more. This is not the end of extension, you can charge for it and easily get ready to print file as per your required format.

This is a big chance to create affiliate platform from your online store by inviting designer, printers and end users to expand the span of your business.

Mobile App or Mobile Store

All over the world now every person is aware about the mobile gadget and it’s easy to use anywhere & anytime. In global world there is increased mobile usage on daily basis and due to the boost in mobile usage there is also indirectly effect on usage of mobile apps & games.

Now, as per the search engine requirement every website or web-store should be mobile friendly and it is necessary to increase audience who haven’t desktop or laptop. Also that’s not possible to carry it everywhere.

Therefore, there is not only required e-store but also required to expand your targeted audience by designing or creating attractive & user-friendly mobile apps. By creating mobile apps one important factor will helps is to increase sales from returning customers who are habitual with mobile store app and installed to their mobile gadgets.

For mobile store app there is required to care about the payment gateway as it should be secured & safe as mobile gadget is highly scalable and there is required to authenticate before purchasing from mobile app.

Social Media Interface

Now, end users are not limited with search engine they are aware about social media and very well know how to use of it. Social media is easy way to connect with large population of audiences in various categories.

Mainly, usage of social media is to connect each other, to pass message easily, to share their personal life about their personal experience or review for particular products or services.

So, as e-Commerce Store owner you have required to crease social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Also you have required to integrate all social media links on e-store as well to promote about your new products or services, new offers, discounted coupons and so on.

Product specific landing pages for PPC

Instead of redirecting all your traffic to your website homepages, you can opt to create product-specific pages that you can target with paid advertising. This will increase their chances for conversion. In these landing pages, you can go with information-rich descriptions using the relevant keywords. In case this is successful and brings you more sales, you can ramp it up and apply it on the many other products listed on your website.

Newsletter sign-up incentives

Email marketing through tools such as e-newsletters is one of the main conversion tools for many ecommerce websites. However, most users don’t always sign up for the e-newsletters unless you can offer them a good reason to. One of the best ways to make this work for you and build an incredible ecommerce store is by incentivizing newsletter sign ups through advantages such as exclusive promotions, discounts, vouchers etc. This will allow you to collect the leads of serious customers which you can leverage in the future in order to drive sales. Email contacts can be used effectively in follow-up marketing.

Integrate Customers’ Reviews


Customer reviews are absolutely critical to success in ecommerce. Online reviews are trusted by 88% of consumers. Here is another important statistic: 70% of customers will read the online reviews first before they make a purchase.

It is not just enough to have online reviews on websites such as Yelp or Google Local pages, you need to have these integrated on the pages alongside the products being reviewed by the customer. When buyers land on an ecommerce product page and read lots of genuine positive reviews from customers who have used the product before and loved it, they are put at ease. The first line of defence is broken and small trust is already developed in the product. An incredible ecommerce store will have multiple online reviews alongside each product that they are selling.


Getting an incredible ecommerce store right involves doing much more than the above listed steps or a good eCommerce online product design tool. For example, you can do A/B testing in order to see some of the areas where you can make specific interventions that will ramp up your sales. Not all ideas are going to create an incredible ecommerce store for you so you also need to evaluate the relevance of the idea in the industry in which you are operating. Apply the above tips but always be ready to experiment with more in order to boost your ecommerce presence.


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