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Why Investing In Good UX Design Might Be A Great Decision?

It is far from a secret that Indian businesses have sidelined User interface and experience design for several years now. It isn’t too uncommon to find UI and UX design at the bottom of the list of priorities of many Indian organizations. From hideous websites to grossly unusable applications, even from the most reputed Indian companies, the user experience has been neglected. Not until the likes of Housing and oyo rooms India arrived had any decent amount of emphasis been put on design.


However, it does appear that there are some very welcome signals from the new breed of Indian startups. Many startups have shifted focus heavily towards world class UI and UX design forcing conventional players to rethink their strategies. There have been big bets made on UX investment by entrepreneurs and innovative designs hitting the Indian market, particularly from designers involved in the e-commerce industry. Needless to say, there has been more than fruitful return on investment.

Customer Acquisition and Trustworthiness

If you ask anyone about a bad customer experience they encountered, more often than not, it is likely that you will hear about badly designed non-user-friendly websites and apps. Not having a good UX design easily pushes away potential customers. Conversely, a good UX design will not only increase customer acquisition but also loyalty.

The ease and smoothness of the new UI focused startups also seem to have created a behavior trend among Indian customers wherein more users are starting to associate good UI with trustworthy brands. This behavior in the Indian customer will, hopefully drive the ‘UX revolution’ further. Good UX gets marketed by word of mouth and it is the reason people are starting to prefer startups over conventional businesses.


Startups like Housing and Oyo Rooms have spearheaded the UX revolution among their respective industries and their success has started to serve as a marketing campaign about the significance of good customer focused UX design. Startups that taste success are usually the ones who are able to successfully able to solve a real local problem. Players like GrabOn have provided enough reason to believe that it is UX that will drive innovation in the next breed of Indian startups.

Housing: Housing is probably the best example for anyone trying to explain the direct advantages of great UI. Housing entered a crowded market, but what set the service apart from others was the super intuitive and functional UI which was and continues to be superior to competitors.


GrabOn: GrabOn works with an extremely competitive coupon market, but has been able to gain significant edge over others largely due to their UX which is extremely focused on the users. Within just 2 years, GrabOn is already one of the top coupon and deal services in the country.


Oyo Rooms: Online hotel booking is hardly a new concept and definitely not one that hadn’t been explored in India, but the industry had never really taken off until the entry of Oyo Rooms. A lot of the success of Oyo Rooms can be credited to the user focused and simplistic UX design of their service on the website and app.


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