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Fashion and Its Link With Body Types

When you are choosing a dress for yourself, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the perfect one while keeping in mind, your body type and how to intensify yourself in a particular dress. Just like, red patterned Vlone shirts look good when placed on the shelf, but how it looks on you is the question. The answer is hard to find out. When you fail to find the perfect outfit according to your body type you start to doubt your body and shape. The reality is that everyone has a different and unique physique.

If we emphasize learning the type of body and shape we have, this will not only help us to look sharp but will help to boost your confidence level and enhance your unique features. By recognizing your body type, focus on tailoring, and dress which suits your body best we can select a good fit for our bodies.

Types of Body Shapes

  1. Oval shape body

Oval body shape is the common type of body shape among males. It comprises of slim chest and shoulders, with a broader waist and slender hips. The main focus for men having this body type is to look slim and try to lower down their midriff area. For this, you need to invest more in items having dark tones and vertical lines. Also, tailored pants can be worn with these shirts to look slimmer.

  1. Rectangular shape body

Rectangle body shapes have a perfect balance of hips and waist. Dressing for this type of body is easy to manage. You can wear as many prints, colors, and patterns as you want to. But one thing should be kept in mind that if you chose to wear vertically striped shirts it can enhance your rectangular body more.

  1. Triangle shape body

The triangle body shape is just as same as an oval-shaped body. It has a broad waist. The shoulders of men having this shape of the body have narrow shoulders. So it is best to carefully select dark shades and always try to pay more attention to the upper part of your body and make the bottom part of your body slimmer.

  1. Trapezoid shape body

This type of body shape has wide shoulders, a broad chest, and a slim waist. This is considered as one of the best body shapes. And people having this body shape are lucky to a unique body shape. People with this can choose to wear any clothing style.

  1. Inverted triangle shale body

This type consists of a heavy upper half and their waist is enhanced. This type is commonly found among males who are involved in gym activities or athletes. For this body type usually, the clothes are complimenting. Nonetheless, if a man has a heavy upper part of the body, he can sag when it comes down to the abdomen area. On the other hand, if you emphasize showing off the figure, you can wear v neck shirts or polo shirts. These vlone shirts will grab attention more towards your chest, gives your shoulders a smaller look, and more fitted clothes.

Additional Tips

  • First step is to understand your body type. Try to choose basic clothing items. You can tailor your clothes and get them fitted according to your body shape.
  • Once you understand your body type and type of item which best fits and enhance your body, next step is to move towards your tailor. You can customize your items according to your preferences and body fit. Your tailor is your best designer, he serves you as a fashion consultant and makes your clothes fitted properly.
  • After understanding what clothes best suits on which body type, now let’s start doing experiments with different items. Keep it simple and trendy. Try to use items that enhance your unique body pieces.
  • To know your body type, measure the ratio between your chest, waist and shoulders.

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